Monday, April 5, 2010

The Deadbeats


Add The Deadbeats to the list of fresh things coming out of the middle of the Pacific. True to their name, they drink, jam and beg for change while delivering a jazzy-hip-hopy-funky-rocky-super-dopetronical sound full of charm and optimism.

Harumi the Hymn (emcee) and Brett Robinson (bass/ vocals) formed the band after an unfortunate family incident involving "cats, kittens, towels and scissors". The two recorded an album in their garage and later added Ethan 'Honky-tonk' Capone (keys), Micah Mclaughlin (drums), and "a strange young man" by the name of Matty Wong (saxophone) who caught ear of the quartet. The five friends set out to make music that "felt good". And it does feel good.

The Deadbeats have opened for The Elevaters, Eric Hutchinson, Mos Def and were voted "Best Up-and-Coming" by The Honolulu Weekly and "Best Hip-hop Group" at the Hawaii Underground Music Awards. Catch them live every Wednesday night @ Jazz Minds Cafe in Honolulu.

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