Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Video: Makeout Videotape: Exercising With My Demons


I love weird videos. Here is one from Canadian band, Makeout Videotape, for their single "Exercising With My Demons", off their Ying Yang album.

If you like Makeout Videotape's sound, check out some BandSoup bands that you might love:


Video: Challenges- I Was Always Good At Lying


Challenges, an emerging pop-punk band from Worcester, Massachusetts that we wrote about earlier this year, have just released the video for their single, I Was Always Good At Lying, from their debut full length album, We Ruined the Neighborhood.

*Begins slow clap for the girls in the video*
We said: We Ruined the Neighborhood is an 11-track debut record full of hyperactive energy and youthful swagger. Corey Maynard's lead vocals are a pop-punk band's dream and the supporting members' musicianship is surprisingly crisp and refined. I guess Challenges ruined the neighborhood in celebration after they found out they are radio ready.

Soup of the Day #5: The Outerlys- Somebody


Hailing from the epicenter of the Los Angeles alternative and indie rock scene are Silver Lake's new unsung trio, The Outerlys. Slade, Mick, and Drape embody their city's spirit in their looks and music as they continue to rock stages with an intrepid blend of energetic garage pop, blues, and vintage rock and roll, with mascara dripping from their lashes.

One of the standout singles from The Outerlys' self titled unveiling, "Somebody", is a three minute romp through the core of rock and roll history that is both accessible and addicting. Slade's crystalline coos glide over the refined garage grime from his supporting cast, morphing a familiar indie rock template into an instant smash that is ready to be absorbed and adored.

The Outerlys' fantastic self titled EP is available now as a free download on their Bandcamp site. Over six tracks, the relatively unknown band unleash hit after hit, showing their endless range by adding classic solo guitars, rolling pianos, and various rock and roll arrangements that cover generations of rock and most of its sub genres. Discover before they are uncovered.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Soup of the Day #4: Diverbird- Taste


Despite forming only one year ago to date, Lousiville, Kentucky trio Diverbird sound like they were aged in new, charred oak barrels for years like a vintage bluegrass bourbon.

In the band's lead single, Taste, from their upcoming debut album, Common Thread (April 30th), lead singer Jon Harrod takes flight over a hard hitting track driven by Donnie Arbuckle's reckless drumming and a captivating arrangement of inspiring guitars and unique transitions. This mash of accessible 90's alternative and modern indie rock will bring numerous generations of music fans together. If you don't believe me, you can check out the rest of their debut album that is streaming on their website.

The first "taste" of Diverbird hit me like a jigger of decade aged whiskey: smooth and glowing with a slight, welcoming burn that quickly warms up the brain. So, before the rest of the town hears about this emerging band from Louisville and clears out the stock--  

Bartender, I'll have another.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Video: Das Pop- The Game


I couldn't resist posting this new video from Das Pop, a Belgian Wonky Pop band that released their new album, The Game, in March of this year.

Here are some BandSoup bands that might be similar to Das Pop (click their name to listen):

Soup of the Day #3: Son of the Sun- The Good Ole' Days


After the stomping introduction explodes into a wall of bright psychedelic garage textures, Son of the Sun's single "The Good Ole' Days" continues to blossom and unfold, revealing layers of infectious harmonies, hazy guitars, and wanton wails from lead singer Zak Ward. This sexy single screams the 1960's, but is baked in all the right modern ingredients to get everyone in high in 2011.

The Buffalo, New York based quintet released their first full length album, The Happy Loss, in June of 2010, which received a well deserved bevy of praise from numerous media outlets and top internet tastemakers. The band's sound on the album, which they describe as "melodically detailed rock", is moody, refined, and filled with nostalgic pop elements, which is why their comparison to The Kinks and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club rings true in my ears.

Not only is this song good, but the live version I saw online was even better.

Visit Son of the Sun here.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Video: The Honey Pies- Hair of the Dog (Uncensored Version)


Here is the latest video from The Honey Pies from their 2011 record, Think of England. It's definitely NSFW (that means "not safe for work," old people), but a must see when you get to a home computer. Hide the kids and rock out.

Read what we said about The Honey Pies in February:

"Combining the Jolt cola injected riffs of The Arctic Monkeys and the Brit-Pop melodies of yesteryear, The Honey Pies are a modern day pop phenomenon. Adding even more luster to Australia's burgeoning indie rock scene, band members Jon Marco (rhythm guitar), Tony Marshall (lead guitar), Tom McCarthy-Jones (bass guitar), and Marcus Warnecke (drums) melt together and become one on Think of England, experimenting with a range of vocals, moods, and sounds while keeping the record cohesive and listener friendly. If the lo-fi garage rock feel to the vocals don't make you swoon, the bubbly instrumentation and vintage vibe will."

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dr. Smith- Zombie Bitches Kicking People's Ass


Dr. Smith is a five piece band that have been playing together for over 20 years in the Oklahoma City area and have recently started to make DIY music videos for their songs. Here is perhaps the best music video ever made in the history of rock and roll, thus making this the greatest Sunday night of my internet life by finding it.

Dr. Smith, I apologize for missing out on your uploads. I am not worthy.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Soup of the Day #2: Teleprompter- Lambda


Soup of the Day spotlights great singles that have been uploaded to On a daily basis, we will post selected singles with information on the artist, song, album release, and more. 

Listen to more from Teleprompter on BandSoup

Teleprompter's "Lamda" is a bewitching yet danceable freak out full of distorted riffs and catchy chants. The Brisbane, Australia based quintet have gained quite a reputation for their energetic and eccentric live shows and "Lamda" serves as perfect audible evidence to this claim. After releasing two singles to date, the band have recently recorded their debut EP with Yama Indra of Gloves/Damn Arms fame, which is set for release in late April (2011). An unidentifiable sound? Or At the Drive In meets Bloc Party? You be the judge.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Video: Micah Brown- Finally Free


Last month we gave you an inside look at Micah Brown, a burgeoning bluesy folk singer from Lancaster, California. Micah continues to push his beautiful debut album, Down Like Hail, with a video for one of the stand out tracks on the record, Finally Free. 

Here is what we said about Down Like Hail: Released on January 11th, 2011, Down Like Hail is an impressive unveiling. Thoughtful, diverse, and passionate, Micah woos the world with his woeful wails over a buffet of melodic folk and blues arrangements. "Cousin in Berlin" serves as the perfect first impression, teetering between classic slide guitar riffs and a spritely folk riff reminiscent of Winnie Cooper's on screen cue in the Wonder Years. "Down Like Hail" and "Parallel World"have country hues, which cradle Brown's vocals comfortably. "Frustratin' Woman" and"Coming of Age" both show his accessibility, dexterity, song writing abilities, and easily have the fire to make Micah Brown a household name.

Triple Drop


Hailing from the "black pool", aka Dublin, Ireland, Triple Drop has picked up where The Clash, The Specials, and The Pogues left off. Combining a DIY aesthetic with the powers of punk, ska, and rock and roll, the trio have been causing a ruckus since they first met in 2009, securing the '09 Noise Battle of the Bands title and 200+ gigs around Ireland.

Their debut self titled EP showcases four of the band's most lethal tracks to date. The intro single, "In Yur Smokey Lil' Room", screams WORLDWIDE HIT due to its infectious back beat and groovy melody.  "Extra Extra" has a more ballsy rock and roll sound, but still retains Triple Drop's signature groove deep within the production, especially at the halfway point when the song transitions into a danceable Devo-esque swing. "Radio" is another potential hit, mixing vintage ska sounds with popular 90s riffs and change ups. This song, along with "In Yur Smokey Lil' Room", would have given every band in the early 90s a run for their money and would have solidified Triple Drop has the go to band for every alt-ska soundtracked college movie in the states. The final recording, "Wake Up", sounds more like a demo compared to the rest, but still secures Triple Drop as one of the more exciting emerging ska acts in the world today.

Ska has been missing on the airwaves and in music conversations within the states for some time now. The spritely reggae influenced vibes that a few bands blossomed with have now morphed into emotional alternative rock or a hijacked 311 vibe, but fear not. For those that miss the beautiful danceable aura of Ska music, Triple Drop embodies the heart and soul of the genre while adding their own modern twist. Judging by their debut EP, it will be this little Irish band that will have everybody skankin' in the streets again.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Soup of the Day #1: Paz- Whiskey & Cocaine


Soup of the Day spotlights great singles that have been uploaded to On a daily basis, we will post selected singles with information on the artist, song, album release, and more. 

"Whiskey & Cocaine" takes pop vocals and smashes them together with a hip hop backdrop, forming an infectious record that will have every Bro and Broette dancing off beat in beer soaked house bashes. Paz could be compared to Shwayze and Cisco Adler in 2008, but way more ready to be embraced by pop lovin' teens and college freshmen. Paz has proved with his first collegiate hit that he undoubtedly holds the right pop chops to become the next big thing. 

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