Thursday, December 29, 2011

Paul Hayworth- Modern Design (Video)


Charting constantly on the Austrian Indie Rock charts as a guitarist in the band Freud, Paul Hayworth is now releasing his solo material via his personal label (Electrocuted Wilma). This is his single from his 2011 album, Goodlove & The Dirty Plan, a surreal concept album "with music like paintings."

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jason Wain- No One Knew (Video)


Here is a new video from Oregon raised now Nashville based singer/songwriter, Jason Wain. "No One Knew" is the first single of Jason's forthcoming record, Keep My Heart to Myself.

Samson- Just For Now and How I Really Feel (Videos)


Samson is an emerging MC/Vocalist from Los Angeles, California that some are calling the "light skinned" Kid Cudi due to his ethereal mix of singing and rapping. Since December 2010, Samson has released three free albums-- Chasing Truth, Angels, and Light.Loves.Dark--  all of which can be downloaded for free via his bandcamp page.

In 2011, Samson has also connected with director Jakob Owens on two fantastic music videos for his songs "Just For Now" (above) and "How I Really Feel" (below).

Friday, December 23, 2011

Achoo! Bless You- Coming Home (To You This Christmas)


Sydney, Australia's Achoo! Bless You made one of my favorite Christmas tunes on our compilation in Coming Home (To You This Christmas). This simple yet endearing folk-pop record is sweet, infectious, and highly accessible for all music fans. Check out Ross James Tipper and Ashleigh Steel do a wonderful live version of the track in the video above.

Rags & Ribbons- Greensleeves (Video)


Portland's Rags & Ribbons (formerly known as Galaxy Farm) laced our 'Tis the Season Christmas Compilation with their awesome song set to the tune of Greensleeves. Here is the video they released for it on Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 Presents- 'Tis the Season (Compilation)


'Tis the season to double up on spiked egg nog, slip on a pair of headphones, and bask in the warm glow of holiday wattage with fifteen holiday themed tracks from!

'Tis the Season is our latest compilation album featuring fifteen BandSoup artists from around the globe-- New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Scotland, Australia, Ohio, Canada, Minnesota, Illinois-- paying homage to the holiday season with brand new original recordings and modern renditions.

This compilation has a gift for all types of music fans. 'Tis the Season offers folky duets, infectious alternative pop, eccentric indie rock, ukeleles, blues, and much more! If that didn't sound like a late night infomercial enough-- this compilation can be yours right now for absolutely FREE!

Here is the download and track list below. Please share this wonderful holiday gift with any music fan you know and make sure to check out the digital liner notes within the download to find your favorite band on BandSoup and Facebook.

Thank you to all the bands and solo artists for sharing their tunes and being apart of this compilation!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year to you all...

- Team BandSoup

Track List:

1. Earwig- Next Christmas
2. Achoo! Bless You- Coming Home (To You This Christmas)
3. Symmetry/Symmetry- O, Holy Night ft. Amy McVey
4. El Dog- Let it Snow
5. Hot Buttered Elvis- Jingle Bell Rot
6. Todd Wright- Christmas
7. Asker- White Christmas
8. Ghost Ghost- Please Stay for Christmas Eve
9. Rags & Ribbons- Greensleeves
10. Gwamba- Get Some Santa Claws
11. The Locals- Heat Miser
12. The Milkweeds- A Ukelele Christmas
13. Lil' Davy Max- Christmas in the Jailhouse
14. Danny Newport- St. Nick
15. Bernie Doucette- Please Give Me Peace

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Five Knives- UN EP and White Light Riot (Video)


Five Knives is a loud, abrasive, and spastic electro-punk quartet hailing from Nashville, Tennesse that I was glad to find a few weeks ago. Led by the captivating cries of lead singer Anna Worstell, Five Knives bounces between heavy industrial rock soundscapes (All Fall Down), streams of party fueled electronica (Vive Le Roi), infectious trash-pop vocals (RATTATATAT, The Rising) , and in your face punk rock (White Light Riot). Instead of knocking on the doors of The Grand Ole Opry like most emerging Nashville outfits, it sounds like Five Knives want to burn them down.

In the beginning of the month, the band released their debut UN EP, which they are currently offering as a free download. They also released the first visuals from the album in the form of a video for the single White Light Riot directed by band member Lamar Baptiste.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Broken Bricks- Pop Song (Video) and Little Fugitives Free Album Download


Broken Bricks consists of Marlon Chaplin and Luke Kuplowsky, both songwriters and multi-instrumentalists, fleshed out by Joey Clement on bass and backing vocals and Matt Duncan on drums and percussive duties. What brought these two together can best be described as serendipitous; an impromptu jam session after an unexpected meeting in their highschool hallway--Chaplin with guitar in hand, Kuplowsky wielding his harmonica and as the story goes, "no one spoke, they only played". From that day forward they began writing and playing as Broken Bricks. 

Over the last few years, the band has gained a lot of notoriety in Canada for their highly energetic and infectious live shows. This "can't miss" act hailing from Toronto engage their audience with catchy, brit-pop influenced rock and roll infused with unadulterated garage glamor and endless instruments.

Their 2011 record, Little Fugitives,  has solidified the band's already stellar reputation as one of Toronto's best new indie rock acts. The eight track album reveals the band's impressive arsenal of sound that enthusiastically jumps from pop to modern indie rock to acoustic without confusing the listener. After indie rock fans hear the album's opener, "Pop Song", and feast their eyes on the accompanying visuals, Broken Bricks will undoubtedly be used to build their cities of playlists and mixtapes for years to come.

Little Fugitives is still available as a free download, so head on over to Broken Bricks' bandcamp page and exchange your email for a piece of Northern pop rock.

SMB Project- The Show (People Song) (Video)


Orlando's SMB Project are back with a new video off their two song project, Gazing At the World Through Binocular Eyes, now available on iTunes. You can check out their first video for Lights and Sounds here.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vida Jafari- Movin EP (Free EP Download)


Today, a Los Angeles based vocalist by the name of Vida Jafari immediately grabbed my attention once I pressed play on select tracks from her debut Movin' EP. Laced with a trippy sonic haze that bounces from electro-pop to hip hop to downtempo to neo-soul, Vida's unveiling uncovers a free-spirited talent that has an impeccable ear for production and an unfettered outlook on sound. Combining the off-kilter vocal stylings of Georgia Ann Muldrow and Yukimi Nagano (Little Dragon) with fuzzy, modern electro tweaked beats, Vida is the rare genre-bending rock in the rough that all indie music bloggers are digging for right now.

The Wicked Tomorrow- Wake Up (Video)


Formed in NYC by kindred musical counterparts, Ian Jacobs (guitar/vocals) and Michelle Feliciano (drums/vocals), The Wicked Tomorrow have garnered attention for their visceral, raw and melodic sound citing comparisons to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Black Keys, The Dead Weather, Velvet Underground and The Kills by press and fans alike.

Legit- Coloring Outside the Lines (Free Mixtape)


Legit (aka Legitimate) is an up and coming rapper out of Chicago that is making quite a name for himself after releasing the video for his song "A Nigger in Northface", a track off of his free mixtape, Coloring Outside the Lines, that was released for free this past summer.

Legit is only 19 years old, but his musical maturity shines all over this mixtape. On top of tackling important subject matter, Legit's witty lyricism and ample ear for production makes for a far more interesting and refined listen than many other indie rappers that have been cutting their teeth in 2011, non-swag related.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Silence the Feedback- Blow [Ke$ha Cover] (Video)


Silence the Feedback, a hard rocking quartet from Rockland County, New York, just blew my mind with their new video/cover of Ke$ha's popular dance-pop anthem from earlier this year, Blow.

Lead vocalist Mike DeModna and guitarist/back-up vocalist Miles Strand give more vocal personality to a pop anthem known for its uninspiring chorus and the additional rock atmosphere adds a much needed kick to an otherwise vapid record.

You got to love that breakdown and StF twist at 2:06!

Greenhorse- Happiness (Video)


"Greenhorse delivers nothing but audacious electronic coated pop ear candy... The duo's kaleidoscope effect, reminiscent of M83's smooth vocals and MGMT's playful psychedelic pop, is fresh and enchanting." - NYC Scene - Margarita Castellanos

Greenhorse is an emerging post-pop trio featuring Chris Hackman, Shawn Day and Joel Saur, who first met at an antique music store in Wyoming. Following an online collaboration in 2009, while Day was living in London, Hackman in Los Angeles, and Saur in South Africa, they formed Greenhorse. The LA-based group recently recorded their second EP at Pachyderm Studios with Brent Sigmeth (Nirvana, Wilco, Polyphonic Spree).

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fire Mountain - Black Heart (Video)


60 Second Review: Fire Mountain


In the same radio friendly folk vein as Mumford and Sons and The Avett Brothers, Alabama's Fire Mountain mashes up infectious melodies with a myriad of genre bending instrumentation, often rooted in folk, country, and rock and roll. If Willie Nelson and John Mayer had a love child, it would have the vocal stylings of lead singer Perry Brown.

The title track “Liars Cup” from their Debut EP is an easy to swallow track that truly makes any listener appreciate the simplicity that music can offer. The Liars Cup EP is proof that complicated isn’t always the road to take when making music. Fire Mountain has the ability to write a song that anyone can relate to and “Liars Cup” is a prime example of that. This EP flows beautifully running just under 25 minutes. I think its safe to say that this is the most cohesive body of work I have heard from a bandsoup band thus far.

-Matt B.

Fire Mountain on Facebook
Purchase Music on Bandcamp

The Willow & The Builder- Rosaline (Video)


Here is an "unofficial" video for The Willow & The Builder's song Rosaline from their recent self titled album. The video was written, directed, produced, edited, and shot by Jesse Swedlund as a Northwestern University Advanced Cinematography project starring Hillary Back

The Willow & The Builder is a collaborative project that grew from a telephone conversation between two friends. After first determining the title, Richard Miron and Adrian Simon went into hibernation for several windy winter weeks, crafting a collection of songs and stories about trees, hearts, creation and growth.

The Uniques- Dungeon (Video)


Here is the latest video from Slovakia synth-rock trio, The Uniques. Dungeon is off their touted debut, From the Dust, which was awarded by critics as the top Slovakian album of that year.

From the "fall of the Iron Curtain" generation comes a electrifying trio equipped with upbeat clashes of sounds from the 60s, 70s, 80s and today that are mashed together amongst layers of synthetic waves, spastic drums, and danceable retro arrangements. This is 1980s dance club meets The Faint meets the new era of electronic rock, and these boys from Bratislava know how to bring the noise.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

BandSoup 2011 Christmas/Holiday Compilation

0 comments wants to exit an excellent 2011 with a big holiday bang!

We would love to put together a FREE compilation of christmas/holiday music featuring numerous bands that have joined our site this year. If you would like to submit a song or cover (old or new), please email your track to:, and then upload the song to the main site. When you send the track, please attach the .mp3 file (192kbps or better is best) or download link in the email and be sure to give us the proper title and any background info related to the song. By sending us the song via email, you then give us permission to use the song in the compilation and make it available as a free download to the public.

The song can be a cover or original and can be about any upcoming holiday or related subject. Any BandSoup band that has uploaded a track to the site can submit a track. We are shooting for 10-20 songs on the compilation, so unfortunately not every band will make the final cut.

Thank you for joining us in our first year. We have truly enjoyed the ENDLESS amount of awesome music all of you have shared and continue to share with us.

Happy Holidays and Rock On!


The deadline for music submissions will be December 14th at Noon CST.

Dr. Smith- Another Merry Christmas (Video)


Just when I thought Dr. Smith had reached their visual peak, they release this Christmas video from their vaults and astound me once again. Since the interns at Tosh.0 are missing out on these viral sensations, BandSoup will have to pick up the slack and gift our fans with these sweet Smith stylings.

Hailing from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is the best band you've never heard of: Dr. Smith. Led by the "Pied Piper of Soul and Rock and Roll" Norman Breedlove, Dr. Smith is a five piece rock enigma that has rocked every crevice of the 405 for over twenty years and still somehow remain unnoticed.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Moses Luster & The Hollywood Lights- Lover (Video)


The ghosts of Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Tom Waits and even William Shatner are all present but, while the music may make nods to these artists, Moses Luster's sound is something quite new.

His latest album, I'm the Lion, is still available as a free download or a price you can name yourself. Listen to Moses finally capture his intriguing sound and music in a studio after decades of playing hole in the walls off the strip of Las Vegas.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Circus Town- Tired (Video)


Here is Circus Town's first video for "Tired" off their 3 EP.

Formed in late 2009, Circus Town are Gavin Morris (vocals & guitar), Paul Cooper (bass guitar) and Andrew Gibney (drums). The self proclaimed "dirtiest three piece band to ever be allowed to leave the shores of Birmingham" boast a sound full of bluesy guitars, thundering drums, and vocals that sound like a mix of Jack White, Neil Young, and Nathan Willet. 

Trap Door- Lata Town (Video)


Trap Door, formerly known as Triple Drop, have released their brand new Lata Town EP along with the video/single of the same name.

Click here for out past coverage on Triple Drop:
Hailing from the "black pool", aka Dublin, Ireland, Triple Drop has picked up where The Clash, The Specials, and The Pogues left off. Combining a DIY aesthetic with the powers of punk, ska, and rock and roll, the trio have been causing a ruckus since they first met in 2009, securing the '09 Noise Battle of the Bands title and 200+ gigs around Ireland.

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