Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Video: The Glorious Veins- Matt's Song (New York City)


New York based band The Glorious Veins are proud to present their first video as a collective for Matt's Song (New York City) off their self titled album released earlier this year.
Four souls spread over three continents decide to go to New York to pursue a dream. It all began like most fairytales of old, with a chance encounter on Craigslist.

There are various packages and ways to purchase their self titled album (as well as downloading digitally with a 'name your own price' option attached), so head over to their bandcamp page to stream and enjoy.

Video: Young Circles- Love Hitch


Here is Young Circles' video for Love Hitch off their Jungle Habits album.

Read what we had to say about them here.

The infatuation with the Bones EP turned into the discovery of their brand new free album, Jungle Habits. If the EP got you lifted, Jungle Habits is the trouble sack of pure that causes a lifetime habit. Riddled with circuitous compositions, spacey layers, and addicting genre-bending transitions, this is the album that will place Young Circles on the pedestal they belong on. It's only a matter of minutes before the youth form shrine circles around their bandcamp and start sucking down the electrifying kool aid this band has to offer.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Video: Saints of Valory- Winter Lights


Here is perhaps the holiday song of the year from Austin based alternative rock quintet, Saints of Valory.

This dreamy song and video stands out not only because it is an original composition, but because of its modern and refreshing take on a Christmas record. My favorite part, without a doubt, is from the 2:43 mark and beyond. After the rom pom pom pom of the marching snare, a beautiful cascade of strings sweeps over the song and carries in a chorus of caroling children onto the shore. Christmas is now epic.

Winter Lights is now available on iTunes.

Video: Death is a Dialogue- Low Lies Lenore


I thought I posted this video when it was first released in September, but it got lost in the mix somewhere. The song, "Low Lies Lenore", is a commentary on the life of American poet Edgar Allan Poe and the loss of his first wife. It is off the Offended Youth EP, which is now available on iTunes.

Another reason I wanted to spotlight this Atlanta, Georgia outfit is because they are selling one of the most interesting pieces of band merchandise I've ever seen via their website. Now, just in time for the holiday season, you can buy one of the three lego helmets that each band member adorns on stage. The mean face, ghost face, or drunk face lego helmet can be yours for the reasonable price of $40.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Video: Ryan Burton- Oh Come All Ye Faithful


It's time to engulf yourself in the sounds of the holiday season! A few BandSoup bands and solo artists have released Christmas/Holiday songs and videos over the weekend, so today we play catch up. To start things off we have a beautiful rendition of "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" from Texarkana based southern rock/pop artist, Ryan Burton. The video shows a softer and more sultry side of Burton, who is known for his blend of infectious southern pop and country rock.

Listen to Ryan Burton on BandSoup

Click the above link to hear songs from Ryan's debut album, The Lower Road, available digitally on bandcamp and iTunes.

Video: Rain Over St. Ambrose- Campfires


Here is Rain Over St. Ambrose's first video as a band. The quintet decided on the song Campfires from their latest Overton Window EP, which we touched upon in our Soup of the Day #23 post.
A week after Curtis LeBlanc told his son Cory he’d rather see him be the frontman in a band than stuck behind the drums for the rest of his life, he suffered a massive heart attack and died. The next day, Cory LeBlanc (once the drummer for Jon McKiel, Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees, and others) packed up his kit and picked up his guitar.

Assembling a band with his brother, Curt, and some of Yarmouth’s best up-and-coming musicians, Cory christened Rain Over St. Ambrose – a testament to the weather on the day of their father’s funeral – and began churning out pop-rock anthems.

Video: The Calimocho Club - Baby Got A Switchblade


Here is a new video from The Calimocho Club's Whoa Whoah, Hey Hey EP.

The Calimocho Club are as raw and low-rent as the drink that inspired their name.

Salfordian natives Gary L Hope (Vox/Guitar) and Tom Pickford (Drums) deal in a gloriously ragged concoction of fuzzy two-man blues. Like the drink, the outcome is tastier than the sum of their parts would suggest.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Free Album: Waiting for Sunday- The Courage, The Strength, The Wisdom and Doubt


Vancouver based band Waiting For Sunday was founded by long time friends, Dan Hudson (Guitar/Vocals) and Matt Gauld (Lead Guitar). The instant musical chemistry they shared quickly developed into something unique and powerful. With the addition of Mircea Tracke (Bass), the necessary elements were in place.

Together, Waiting for Sunday started playing local gigs and quickly developed a strong following in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Waiting for Sunday recorded their debut album, The Courage, The Strength, The Wisdom and Doubt, at the Nimbus School of Music with producer and drummer, Colin Everall.

Their debut album, which is still available for free via their website, is said to "embrace a more simplistic, traditional approach to pop music. The Vancouver based quartet’s sound is founded on the marriage of acoustic guitars and crisp vocals that is loosely accompanied by light, clean lead guitars and a basic drum and bass backline." 

The Warplanes


The Warplanes are a brand new Austin, Texas based quartet that channel a cluster of influences from Austin's rich and celebrated music history. Mixing psychedelic compositions with blues rock rhythms and vintage rock and roll vocals, The Warplanes' have found the perfect mixture of influences and sounds to bombard all the Bevo lovin' borrachos from 6th Street and beyond.

Led by Isaac James Routh on vocals and guitar, The Warplanes consist of guitarist Kevin Skrla, keyboardist/vocalist Luke Dalton, bassist Jesse J. Flores, and drummer/percussionist Aric Garcia. On December 9th of 2011, this young group of rockers will release their self titled debut album to the masses. From the forthcoming album, the band has shared the addictive single "Evil Mask" (featured in the below DIY video) and the slow building, south western foot stomper "I Have Just Begun". Two songs that will undoubtedly grab your attention and make you anticipate their early December sound bombing.

Above and below you can find their two DIY videos for the singles "Evil Mask" and "After the Fact". Stay tuned for more details on the release of their debut album coming soon.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Video: Good Frames- There is a Gulf


Continuing our coverage of BandSoup bands overseas, I bring you an awesome animated video from Berlin based Good Frames.

Good Frames is the solo project of recording artist Frank Cifarelli. Frank recently released the Still EP, which is now available as a free download. The first track from the EP and the muse for this fun animated video by Edward Newiss is There is a Gulf. Look and listen.

Free Album: Yossarian Lives- Out, Demon Doubt!


We can now say BandSoup has had an artist on The Apprentice! The Irish version that is.

Recently, Yossarian Lives was featured on the Irish Apprentice where the groups’ task for the week was to compile CDs of new Irish music, with the winning CD being given away with the Daily Mail. This great opportunity for the band came about through the Daily Mail’s ‘Fighting Chance’ song competition.  I submitted ‘A Big Enough Stick For The Moon‘, and was selected to be one of the 20 acts to appear on The Apprentice.


To celebrate this accomplishment, the band has decided to release their 2011, Out, Demon Doubt!, for free via their Bandcamp site. You can download the album below.
Following 2007′s “Adam’s Rib” and 2010′s robot-themed “The Uncanny Valley” comes Yossarian Lives’ third album “Out, Demon Doubt!”. In the wake of a difficult break-up/Adele-esque marketing contrivance, Rob took up the RPM Challenge, a musical project where one must write and record an entire album in the month of February (2011). He completed this time-intensive challenge while also holding down a 9-5 job and cultivating a beard.

The result of his efforts was “Out, Demon Doubt!”, a ten-track album that runs the full gamut of post-break-up, beard-wrangling emotions, and features guitar, piano, ukulele, mandolin, synth and more. Its opening track, “A Big Enough Stick For The Moon”, was the winner of the aforementioned ‘Fighting Chance’ song competition and featured on ‘The Apprentice’.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Soup of the Day #23: Rain Over St. Ambrose- Chemtrails of Happiness


A week after Curtis LeBlanc told his son Cory he’d rather see him be the frontman in a band than stuck behind the drums for the rest of his life, he suffered a massive heart attack and died. The next day, Cory LeBlanc (once the drummer for Jon McKiel, Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees, and others) packed up his kit and picked up his guitar.

Assembling a band with his brother, Curt, and some of Yarmouth’s best up-and-coming musicians, Cory christened Rain Over St. Ambrose – a testament to the weather on the day of their father’s funeral – and began churning out pop-rock anthems.

Chemtrails of Happiness is the intro track on their new Overton Window EP. Airy yet pleasantly eerie, the track will paint murals of crisply executed indie-pop throughout the cities between your ears.

Free Album: Spanish Prisoners- Gold Fools


Ever since "chillwave" crashed onto the internet shoreline, there has been a flood of bands fronted by midi controller pounding posers that are in love with layered vocals. Despite their strength in numbers, a lot of these bands lack the chops and charisma to pull of engaging music like their predecessors, but I did recently find a shiny golden nugget of sound blossoming out of the bricks of Bushwick.

Spanish Prisoners are a rising indie rock quartet from Brooklyn, New York that mix hazy, ethereal electronic sounds with psychedelic vocals and dreamy instrumentation. Leo Maymind fronts their floaty faction and sometimes is accompanied by Amberly Hungerfor's delicate back up lungs to add body to their clouds of noise. Their debut album, Gold Fools, released last month for free on their bandcamp site, holds nine tracks of a trend captured and cultivated rather than mirrored and mauled. Instead of sounding like yet another New York dream-psych band, Spanish Prisoners shuffled through the shackles and emerged a free band with hands and mouths full of authentic gold.

Gold Fools is one of those albums that is better understood and consumed by listening to it all the way through, but you can listen to two singles on BandSoup by clicking the link above. You can also download the album in full by visiting the link below.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Video: LaTina Webb- Betcha


LaTina is a seasoned professional singer and songwriter who first got her big break touring the world with the legendary El Debarge. LaTina is currently singing on stages across the globe with the one and only Maxwell, who adores her special mixture of style and grace, with a touch of spice. LaTina’s up-tempo pop sound has also harmonized easily with everyone from Barry White, Brandy, Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake, Macy Gray, Eric Benet, and Jodi Watley.

Her first single from Toes in the Sand is called “Betcha” from which she has created a very alluring music video with a sweet, heartfelt story line. LaTina is fun lovingly “hands on” with her solo career as she takes part in every aspect from PR, to styling, to the production of her own music video “Betcha.”

LaTina Webb is one to watch, and also learn from, as she will soon be releasing a bi-weekly web series on her YouTube Channel in which she demonstrates personal tips on everything from singing, to song writing, to cooking in her own cozy little kitchen at home. LaTina is also a philanthropist at heart and plans to eventually open her own foundation that uses music as a vehicle to heal people and raise money for children. As LaTina puts it - “Life Hurts, Music Heals.” Her solo debut album “Toes In The Sand” is an escape from the every day. LaTina’s music is filled with fun pop jams that make you move, and sexy sultry sounds that make you groove.

Video: Face of Man- Future Half


Here is the first video from New York based experimental pop outfit, Face of Man. Directed by Christian Kamongi, Music by Face of Man (Alex Silva, Doug Berns, Jesse Chevan, Coleman Moore), Starring Cosima Travis and Alex Silva.

Formed at Columbia University in 2010, Face of Man performs an odd brand of bastard pop, one that blends shifting meters, layered, active guitar lines, jazzed falsetto vocals, electronic elements, and heavy percussive energy. Lyrically the songs tend to veer between a fixation on passionate love on the one hand, and mystical love on the other, often blurring distinctions with surrealist flair. Face of Man strives to make music that bridges the gap between pubescent girls and aging musicophiles.

Monday, November 14, 2011

60 Second Review: A Record of Hate


When people think about the state of New Hampshire, what do they picture? Cows? Farms? Country folk? Certainly not the most brutal band their ears will ever hear. That’s exactly what A Record of Hate is. Hailing from Manchester, New Hampshire, this Death/Thrash Metal band are pumping out a sound that would force the most seasoned vets in the metal world to do a double take. If there were ever a soundtrack to the zombie apocalypse, “This Is War” would be it. Vocalist Tyler Smith spews out the most gut wrenching growls that sound like they come straight from the depths of hell. “Evil” is the second of three tracks released so far and the drum work alone is enough to make your head explode. “Evil” also displays brilliantly fast guitars with an unexpected solo that breaks up the song nicely.

To put it bluntly, AROH scares the shit out of me and I love it.

Listen to A Record of Hate on Bandsoup

A Record of Hate on iTunes
A Record of Hate on Facebook

Friday, November 11, 2011

Video: Intuition- Old Enough


Here is Intuition's new song and video "Old Enough". This is a J6Ahn music video brought to you by Knocksteady. Song produced by Equalibrum.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wines That Rock


No, we did not get paid to advertise this. I just thought it was a cool idea for music fans for the upcoming holiday season. The Police, Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, and Woodstock? Awesome.

Welcome to a new revolution in wine or as we like to call it - The Official Wine of Rock n' Roll

This is not your typical wine experience. Not your typical wine labels. These are tapestries from the rock vaults. Classic, iconic album art that’s part of your musical DNA. And we're just gettin started. In the upcoming months keep your eyes out for more classic pairings of great tasting wines and your all time favorite Rock 'n Roll artwork.

As passionate wine lovers and die-hard music fans, we've created the ultimate blending of two worlds. Our mission is to produce a new category of wine:

"Great Tasting Wines Inspired by Music"

With classic tracks from The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and The Woodstock Festival blasting in the cellar, our winemaker crafted custom wines for each of these legendary brands - blending one-of-a-kind wines with Rock ‘n Roll mythology. 
Our catalog of wines starts with The Rolling Stones Forty Licks Merlot, Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon,Woodstock Chardonnay and The Police Synchronicity Red Blend.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Rock Videos


Today we have three new videos from three different exciting BandSoup bands: Wheeler Brothers, Drgn King, and The Nico Blues. 

Wheeler Brothers- Home for the Holidays

The first video is from the Austin, Texas based quintet, Wheeler Brothers, from their latest album, Portraits. Now until December 8th, head over to their facebook page to enter our "Home For the Holidays" video contest.

Drgn King- Paragraph Nights

This is the title track from DRGN KING's upcoming record, Paragraph Nights, out December 2011. Directed by Dan King.

The Nico Blues- Same Old Song (Live)

The Nico Blues get invited to a Village Basement Session.

New Hip Hop Videos


What a week for BandSoup related artists and their new videos! It's such a big week so far, that I had to split up the videos in two blog posts for two seperate genres. First up: hip hop. 

I will begin with the newer videos and then post some of the older ones that I somehow missed before. Shame on me.

Prof- Need Your Love

This is the first video off his free album, King Gampo, that you can download here.

ProbCause- Days Like These

"Days Like These" is the 3rd official release off the Stir Fry EP and gives us our last glimpse of summer in 2011.

One of the many videos from Lincoln Way Nights.

Anacron- This is Me

Open Mike Eagle- Nightmares

Click more for more videos! 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Soup of the Day #22: Blood Orange- Dinner


I fell in love with Lightspeed Champion way before I knew him as Devonte Hynes, or the prolific writer that has penned hits for artists such as Florence and the Machine, The Chemical Brothers, Diana Vickers, Solange Knowles, and Thephilus London. Mixing vintage brit-pop sounds with quirky modern pop melodies, Devonte, as Lightspeed Champion, made two endearing records (Falling Off the Lavender Bridge and Life is Sweet! Nice to Meet You) that continue to find a place in my short rotation. When I first heard him as Blood Orange, I was immediately infected. I had no idea it was the weird motherfucker with the bushy wig.

"Dinner" is a Prince-esque summer jam that will haunt your repeat button. Produced by Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear (and owner of Terrible Records), this upbeat yet dark ode to the broken heart is part 80s R&B and all groove. The song begins as a classic 80s cry for love, but transitions into a modern display of relationship melodrama: "Hoping that you die unhappy/ I'll do everything I can/ To make sure that you are never happy".

Video: The Truthseekers- To Get By/Star Wars Remix


New York City based collective, The Truthseekers, have just released their sophomore album, Meet Me.  The follow up to their 2007 unveiling, Super Cool, finds the band embracing instruments from around the world-- African Djembe, Tabla, Native American flutes, Indian Raga-- to spice up their already savory blend of soul, funk, and contemporary urban gospel. 

To get yourself more familiar with the band's sound and ethos, they sent over an older video from their debut album that is packaged together with a hilarious video (2:30 and on) from what I believe is the lead singer's son doing a Star Wars tribute rap (Jaden and The Beat Droids- Star Wars Remix (Chewbacca)). I think if the song was in a separate single video, they would have themselves the next viral smash hit.

Unleashed from an artist uprising in a NYC Theater Loft at the beginning of the millennium, a voice from a movement grew. Energized by the vibrations of Harlem and the rhythms of the Boogie Down, a concept of a groove developed. Influenced by Motown’s preachers and 60’s musical prophets, poet and songsmith, Eric DeArmon, embarks on a journey, both musical and spiritual, to find a purpose and a sound. Hands blessed with the blues, electrified by a Wurlitzer piano, with a voice that screams and howls with the passion of a revolution and the tenderness of a lovers kiss, Eric defines purpose in songs of truth and celebration. With a transcendent vision and an inspired sound of deep soul he leads a band of true seekers.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Bouts- Bouts EP + We Tried Video


Dublin, Ireland has a bout of infectious pop-alternative as Bouts, a relatively new quartet, drop off their latest four track self titled EP.

Full of harmonious melodies, meaty guitars, and seamless drums, the Bouts EP is a short but sweet journey through 90s alternative and modern indie trends that will please any ear that's craving a feel good moment. We Tried (above video) is the standout, but the EP embodies a band with a bright ethos and bright future.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Soup of the Day #21: The Doorbells- Too Young


It's budding bands like The Doorbells that remind me of what BandSoup is all about. As this New York outfit is constructing their new website and preparing the release of more new demos, we get to realize and hear their potential before the rest of the world catches on. The Doorbells, with an EP and a digital 7" inch release under their belt, carry a guitar heavy pop-rock swagger that sounds like popular Brit-rock meets The Black Keys.

After listening to their body of work thus far, I'm confident enough to predict this band could be blog darlings if their music reaches the right inbox. This notion is easily backed by their impressive debut Want Your Evil EP,  but I believe that the lead single off their 7", Too Young, will be the key doorbell to ring to get them in the door. The record-- full of energetic guitars, catchy lyrics, infectious melodies, and danceable drumming-- screams independent smash hit. The song strays from their Black Keys-esque stylings on their EP, but flawlessly embodies an accessible blend of pop and indie rock that is current, cool, and ready to infect worldwide like a delightful disease.

Prof- King Gampo


It's not too often I throw up a post in the middle of listening to an album, but Prof had me at track one (Gampo). The intro track epitomizes the rest of the album, as well as Prof's general attitude: “Everyone’s trying to be a preacher or a politician— telling you how to live your life,” he says. “I’m not running for Senate. I’m doing this for fun and I don’t watch my mouth.”

Halfway through and King Gampo is exactly that-- nothing serious but overflowing with originality, infectious beats, and gripping rhymes. Prof's album is a fun listen from a seasoned veteran ready to break through his Minneapolis obscurity and this is the album that could get him there. In my opinion, it has cult potential just like the oddball indie film Prof is portraying on the cover.

On top of releasing an original hip hop album, I've heard, almost too many times, that Prof's live show is not one to miss. Heralded by numerous top artists, die hard fans, and casual fans that accidentally catch his opening act,  Prof is said to have one of the most fun and electrifying shows in hip hop today.

Below is the free download link for his new album, King Gampo. Also, be on the lookout for the first video from the album sometime tomorrow!

Campbell Trio


Hailing from the Happy Harbor in Southern Brazil, The Bruce Campbell Punk Rock Trio, commonly know just as Campbell Trio, have constructed a bedroom post-hardcore/punk album that could rival any seasoned or big label band shredding today. Their first recording, The Campbell Trio Sings the Blues, is a furious collection of distorted madness, raging vocals, and experimental arrangements that remind me of legendary west Texas outfit, At the Drive In.

As a complete DIY album (recording, mixing, album art) that was worked on over a span of three years, The Campbell Trio Sings the Blues is a tightly cohesive listen despite the disjointed timeline. The meat and potatoes of the record-- Don Copal or the Department of Death, I in Us, a Love Letter, and Ehnay/And I, End I-- ooze a dangerous mixture of youthful exuberance and apathy, as the band teases hardcore fans with an all encompassing display of influences from the genre's history while flawlessly executing their own brand of angry beauty.

In spite of the band's obscurity, their first recording trek in a small South American bedroom proves their potential and probability of emerging past the shores of the GuaĆ­ba Lake and onward to the states and beyond. In a world like this, music with ire is a necessary coping soundtrack for many. If this sums you up, the trio is ready to sing you the blues.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

60 Second Review: From The Hollow


From The Hollow (aka Logan Nickleson) is an indie rock singer/songwriter based out of Memphis, Tennessee. His latest release Hundreds Of Miles is an atypical departure from his previous releases due to the much bolder guitar arrangements and darker undertones. “Dog On a Wall” immediately stands out the most because of its rock radio friendly vibe, but tracks like "Wrench", an eerie anti-ballad that sounds like vintage Conor Oberst with it's grinding guitar riffs and angst filled bleedings from a broken heart, and "Day and Night", a whimsical indie rock staple full of crisp drums, fantasy hallucinations and distorted vocals, give this EP its perpetual character.

Overall, Hundreds Of Miles is an exciting listen with fascinating instrumental arrangements and words that seem to stick to your soul. Watch out for this guy.

From The Hollow on Facebook
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