Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lower Lands- Reality in Routine (Video)


Lower Lands is a young quartet from the cathedral city of Lincoln, United Kingdom that blend a spry and spirited mixture of alternative, pop, and new millennium punk rock. Last year they released their free debut EP, This Was Not Our Greatest Endeavour, a noisy yet catchy foray into the land of post-hardcore. This year the band plans to release another EP entitled Growing Pains featuring the lead single "Reality in Routine". As seen and hard in the video/single above, it's obvious that the lads from Lower Lands have already endured those growth pains and are now reaping the benefits.

Monday, January 30, 2012

BandSoup Blog Exposure


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2012 has been treating us well so far and I hope it has been just as kind to you! On top of the continual growth of our music community, our blog has new contributors to help spotlight some of the site's finest emerging artists. We want to write more album reviews and artist features in 2012 so it would be a huge help if you could send your new albums/EPs for review, videos, and any press releases regarding tours and album releases directly to our staff. If you have a new album set to release in 2012, we would love to know about it. By sending us your press releases and music to review before the album's release date, BandSoup can help increase buzz and visibility before it hits the shelves.

Music videos are also great to post on the blog. If you have a new music video, live performance, interview, or vlog, please send those over as well.

To send us your album for review, press release, video, news, or anything else you deem blog-worthy, fire up an e-mail to:


NOTE: For anything to be featured on the BandSoup Blog, you must first share at least one song on our main site: www.bandsoup.com. If you have shared music in the past and have a new album/single out, it would really be cool if you shared the new song/s on the site. Free albums/EPs and free single song downloads are also great blog material, so let us now about those as well.


In the near future, we would also love to run a few contests/giveaways. If you're interested and have any material to be used in contests/giveaways, please let us know.
BandSoup's goal is to help uplift and promote independent bands and solo artists. We all know how tough it is to get your music out to the masses and to get press exposure, so we would love to get closer to our bands in 2012 and help build those bridges. Keeping us updated via e-mail is the best way to make this happen!

We hope to hear from you soon,

Team BandSoup

* Please don't send in any albums/EPs that are over a year old. Sending in an album/EP for a review does not gaurantee a review or feature on the blog. 

Hot One of the Week: Symbol & Surface- Brothers

Who is down with the resurgence of indie-folk music as a trend in music? With the likes of Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers, Bon Iver, and even lesser known artists like The Tallest Man On Earth, I have fallen in love with the new found ingenuity of artists who have a “less-is-more” philosophy. One such example that I have found on BandSoup this week is Symbol & Surface. This four piece from Minneapolis, Minnesota released their debut EP less than two months ago and, believe me, listening to it is worth your while.

Led by brothers David and Brian Bauernfeind, Symbol & Surface boasts intelligent lyrics, clear harmonies, and well constructed instrumentation. Key aspects of Mumford, Iver, and The Avett Brothers' ethos show up in their 5-song EP, Brothers, but you can also hear elements of City & Colour and Simon & Garfunkel. All of these comparisons show they have achieved both a contemporary indie folk sound and a classic nostalgia within their music, which makes a perfect go to band for the new and old generation of folk rock lovers.

I recommend the title track off of the EP, “Brothers”, which you can now find on BandSoup, and checking out this great new act on their main website here.

-Doug Foley

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Red Fang- Hank is Dead (Video)


Here is the video for "Hank Is Dead" taken from the album 'Murder The Mountains' - available now on CD/LP/Digital via Relapse Records.

Check out our past coverage of Red Fang: "Prowling through the progressive pines of the Pacific Northwest are independent metal's best kept secret-- Red Fang. This uber talented quartet took their collective talents and experiences from their former bands and formed like Voltron to create a new powerhouse in Portland's rock and roll scene. Instead of regurgitating past methods and influences, Red Fang agreed to build their sound around what initially inspired them to become musicians in the first place-- heavy, galvanizing hard rock and roll that is accessible and straight forward, as well as sophisticated and layered. This infectious form of metal is consummately displayed in their latest record, Murder The Mountains, released April 2011 on the acclaimed Relapse Records label."

Elos Arma- T.I.T.S. (Free Album Download)


On their sophomore album, T.I.T.S. (This Is The Shit), Toronto quartet Elos Arma nurse numerous turn of the millennium punk and alternative rock influences into a healthier, less clichéd offspring. Their overwhelming energy, flair for power-pop rock, and youthful ethos translates through everything they touch. From the music to their album art to their website design and video direction-- this is a band that everyone can have fun with.

As mellow, lo-fi shoegazer rock and electronic music continue to build popularity, it's refreshing to hear an indie band revive an uptempo and happier vibe in their music. T.I.T.S. leads off with Super Diamonds, a song that spotlights the band's best attributes with infectious multi-layered vocals, twinkling keys, and catchy construction, and immediately shows us why the album title can also be used as an adjective to describe their talent. Much like Super Diamonds, the succeeding songs You Shut Your Mouth When You're Talking To Me and Walker follow the same blueprint and are equally endearing. The classic punk spawned layered vocal chants in each song add an extra pinch of catchiness to an already toxic batch of tunes. The outcome? Addiction and future interventions. Oh the Light and PS show the flip side of Elos Arma. The slower tempo and more serious tones in these songs add depth to the album and show that the vocals aren't the only thing in the band that is multi-layered.

My first dive into the chest of these young canucks was a satisfying one. The five tracks presented on T.I.T.S. reveal a future powerhouse of pop rock and a band that deserves way more attention than they have received thus far. What I like most about T.I.T.S. is, instead of being a casual spectator to an album like I usually am, Elos Arma made me want to jump in and motorboat.

Sorry for the all the spit.

- Ryan Monk

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This Week on BandSoup (1/16-1/23)

Another week in the books and yet another week of great uploads here on BandSoup! Here are a few of the bands that you must hear according to an unanimous vote from the BandSoup blog team. Remember, new bands pop up on the site 1-5 times per day, so check back in with us. You might be missing out on your new favorite band!

* Click the band's name to hear their music.

Colour Coding (Indie Pop)-- Together, Chris Holland and Tim Commandeur make Colour Coding.
They cut their musical teeth in Gold Coast pop band Operator Please and now these two cousins have embarked on their own musical venture. This is their first infectious single from their upcoming EP, Perfect.

Animal Empire (Indie Rock)-- A progressive rock band from Rhode Island that just finished their new record "Complicate the World" which is now available.

Crozet (Chill Wave/Electronic)-- Crozet is a computer-based bedroom project started by John Helmuth while he was living in Philly finishing up his senior year of college. John added Sean Lee to the mix and now the band builds cities made up of dreamy synths, reverb drenched vocals, and hard hitting drums.

A Name Unheard (Indie Rock)-- Click here to check out our 60 Second Review.

Blue Sky Black Death & Nacho Picasso (Hip Hop/Dope Hop)--  Ethereal production Blue Sky Black Death team up with Seattle MC Nacho Picasso on their second album, Lord of the Fly, now available as a free download. Nacho is the new generation MF Doom for dopers and goons. One liners for days.

Fort York (Folk)-- Fort York, a 5 piece folk band from Toronto, grew out of a handful of fortunate circumstances. There was a house on Brunswick street in Toronto with a small lamp-lit basement filled with old sleeping bags and bike parts. We cleaned it up and made it into a cozy practice space. The house had a back deck on the 3rd floor too, with an ample supply of exposed nails and rotting wood. That’s where we were able to write a lot of the songs on this album.

Days of Rae (Folk Pop)--  As a challenge to ourselves, an offering to our wonderful supporters and in general a really fun project; Days of Rae will be writing, recording and releasing one single each month throughout 2012. We will be distributing each song completely free of charge on as many social platforms as we can think of.

Vultures of Venus (Electro Glam Space Rock)-- This Melbourne band take inspiration from seedy and speedy urbanity to create their unique brand of Electro Glam Space Rock. There is a sense of fearlessness to the sounds and themes that is rare to find in an Australian band. Their energetic performances are influenced by some of the starkest, most danceable and lascivious music of last century.

Backburner (Hip Hop)-- What Backburner refers to is a diverse conglomerate of creative individuals who concern themselves with hip-hop spread throughout various areas of Canada.

Dirtybird B. (Instrumentals/Hip Hop/Electronic)-- Two songs off of Nor Cal hip hop producer Dirtybird B's new album, Hard Work in Paradise.

Slothrust (Grunge)--  "Slothrust is the perfect soundtrack for brooding on a gloomy day and would be a good way to psych yourself into finally telling your boss to go fuck himself (please exercise caution for the latter). Melding clean, bluesy guitar riffs with lo fi, scratchy vocals, the trio from Bronxville is strangely reminiscent of Morphine... only not really."

The Dysfunctions (Alternative Rock)--  Sydney band that presents a fresh collection of post-modern rock anthems that revive the beloved guitar sounds of the 90s with a 2000s electro edge.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Diggs Duke- Gravity (Video)


Here are the visuals for Diggs Duke's title track off his 2011 debut EP, Gravity.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Honey Pies- Henny Penny (Video)


Official music clip for The Honey Pies' single HENNY PENNY.

Triple J Unearthed Big Day Out rascals The Honey Pies proselytise Adelaide's infamous mall street preachers in a cheeky new music clip from their second album 'Carpe Carp'.

Hot One of the Week: Friends Edition!


This week has been a busy one and now I am set to take on another semester here at school. Music is a huge part of my life and I thought I would let you guys get to know me a bit more. In order to help you understand me, this week’s edition of I Can Feel A Hot One will showcase a few of my friends who you can hear on BandSoup!

First, I would love to introduce an indie-prog-rock band that began playing together last year at the University of New Haven. Vitamin Sun, a 4-piece consisting of sophomore music students, takes influence from The Mars Volta, Local Natives, and Sufjan Stevens among many others. With Kyle Hamel on vox/guitar, Wyatt Simard on guitar, Chris Restaino on bass/vox, and Josh Merhar on drums, these guys tear through some intricate time signatures and let the creativity of their music flow. Within one song they can be both insanely technical and passionately groovy. They have so much potential and will continue to grow with time. I strongly suggest finding them on BandSoup and giving them a try!

Another friend of mine who deserves some recognition and attention, which she is already getting, is Samantha Frost. Quite frankly, her voice is the opposite of her last name. Her smooth, jazzy voice is easily adapted for jazz, blues, Broadway, and pop. Her warm timbre will make you feel as if you are sitting in front of a fireplace listening to the radio as if in the days of old. Check out her version of “Nobody’s Fault” on BandSoup, it’s one of her first recordings. She is a lovely young voice and will do great things soon enough. Check out her website here.

Thanks and have a great week!

-Doug Foley

60 Second Review: A Name Unheard


Fresh off the release of their new EP Human,” A Name Unheard is a mixture of radio friendly rock fused with a twist of blues that touches the soul. At first listen it may seem that ANU is just another indie rock band, but the title track off their latest release changed my premature assumption of them rather quickly.

With an uplifting message and an immediate bluesy riff that could make anyone bob their head in approval, "Human" is easily the strongest of the 8 tracks ANU is offering up. "Stiletto Jive" is a cautionary tale of promiscuity with accompanying music that makes you want to do exactly what the title suggests-- get up from your damn seat and jive. “Still Breathing” is fit for any modern rock station and a perfect closer to this EP with soaring vocals and an upbeat rhythm that makes me want to roll down my windows (yes even in the 25 degree New Hampshire weather) and let the music play for everyone to hear. All in all, A Name Unheard is one Bandsoup band you don’t want to miss out on.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kasium- Exhale (Free Album)


Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Kasium is an alternative rock trio causing quite a stir in their homeland due to their nostalgic blend of 90s era hard rock and metal. On their debut album, Exhale, the band pinches the best ingredients from classics such as Alice in Chains' "Dirt", Tool's "Undertow", Silverchair's "Frogstomp" and early Chevelle, stirring up a stellar mix of crunchy guitar riffs, throaty hooks, and hard hitting drums.

The band and lead singer Kieran Cooper shine brightest when they dig deep, down tune their guitars, and show their dark side. Songs like Halo, Wasted Years, Drowned, and Exhale reveal Kasium's heart and the epicenter of the band's talent. When Kieran's anguish and raw emotion is at the forefront, the rest of the band thrives around it and sound whole. That's not to say the other tracks on Exhale won't please, but those four tracks are what make the album and will show the rest of the world that these Kiwi's have what it takes.

Drowned Video

Kasium have their debut album up as a free download on their website, so click below and get ready to fire up those finger horns.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Diamond- Don't Lose Your Cool EP (Free Download)


Birthed through binary communications and garage recordings, Diamond was born in bedrooms scattered across Baltimore, Richmond, and Chicago. Despite their disconnected locations, this energetic quartet made up of 90's alternative raised skate kids deliver one hell of a sophomore EP full of catchy and endearing melodic rock in the same vein as Jimmy Eat World and Weezer.

Don't Lose Your Cool will please both the nostalgic and new era of alt-pop fanatics. The nods to the past and the present collide cohesively and provide a flawless pop rock experience that not many have been able to pull off in recent years. Oddly enough, a couple of the band's core members come from hardcore rock backgrounds (former members of Trapped Under Ice and Down To Nothing), but mask their upbringing in an ocean of happy hooks and radiant riffs that will roost in your head for days after listening.

Diamond may be diamonds in the rough now, but I have a feeling that will soon change. They are radio ready, adept, and accessible. If this EP is just a peek into what the band can accomplish long term and in full length, Diamond could be forever.

Photo by Luke Williams

Monday, January 16, 2012

This Week on BandSoup (1/9-1/16)

Another week in the books and yet another week of great uploads here on BandSoup! Here are a few of the bands that you must hear according to an unanimous vote from the BandSoup blog team. Remember, new bands pop up on the site 1-5 times per day, so check back in with us. You might be missing out on your new favorite band!

Click the band's name to hear their music.

Elos Arma (Indie Rock/Indie Pop)--  High energy dysfunctional pop from a refreshing young quartet who manage to avoid nearly all of the horrendous clichés that often accompany their kind of commercially-oriented rock.
Jim Dead (Alt. Country/Folk)-- Check out our "Hot One of the Week" blog post featuring Jim Dead.

PMs Better (Indie Rock)-- A young and bouncy rock band from Lyon, France that sings in English. The band, barely out of their teens, already have three EPs under their belt full of catchy, melodic indie rock jams.

Barricades at Night (Alternative Rock)--  The latest track from the Huntsville, AL based band in preparation for their first full length release.

Monsterface (Alternative Rock)--  If you’re into face shattering grunge rock, then Monsterface is your new band. Their song structures are similar to The Sounds of Animals Fighting or Fall of Troy.

Acollective (Indie Rock)-- Acollective is the resonating echoes of quacking ducks in a sealed room, a dual-headed machine of construction-yard-nihilism consuming everything in its path, from banged-up Folk to burned-down Middle-Eastern-Funk, breaking hips and shaking hearts along the way. 

Rosas (Pop Rock)-- Rosas is the story of Damon Goodridge’s search for the elusive love that breezed in and out of his life one memorable Spanish evening. That chance encounter inspired a sound that reflects the euphoria, bewilderment, optimism and wistfulness only known by one who has loved and lost.

Alice Sweet Alice (Alternative Rock)--  As one Kansas City reviewer described Alice Sweet Alice's music: "Take the turbulent undercurrent of Joy Division, add edgy guitar-synth crunch and hooks ala Garbage, drop in the haunting post-punk of Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees, a dash of Love and Rockets psychedelics, and polish the whole mix with angst-meets-curious inclinations inspired by The Cure's rhythmic urges. Something like that with a twist.”

Slow Suicide (Acoustic/Ambient)--  Dark, creepy, instrumental acoustic rock.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hot One of the Week: Jim Dead


I may be nineteen years old, but I see the importance of musical evolution and I hope that my tastes reflect that appreciation. I feel as if I’m a rare Johnny Cash fan of my generation and, even stranger than that, I enjoy listening to country radio. I just can’t help it when I’m at home. The farms, fields, and hills of Northwestern New Jersey just invoke within me a desire for country music. Home is much different than New Haven, Connecticut; country has become one way for me to differentiate. These are thoughts that I’ve had this week as I listen to Jim Dead.

Jim Dead is an artist who caught me by surprise this week. I spent time listening to artists on BandSoup and heard so many different genres of music, never did I expect to be mesmerized by a countrified blues-rock singer-songwriter. The first thing that came to mind was Johnny Cash and the last few albums he released before his death, a set of dirges enshrined forever. If you are familiar with those albums at all, the tracks “Sadly, Those Birds Refuse to Sing” and “Devil on the West Bound 3:10” will surely resonate with you. You can find these songs on BandSoup and Dead’s first recorded release, Go Tell the Congregation.

Jim’s work is riddled with haunting tunes that are diverse and reminiscent of Kenny Rodgers, Bob Dylan, The Doors, and even Nirvana. On his second LP, Ten Fires, you find more dark acoustic melodies, but many more songs with a full-band and bigger sound. His music is based in the roots, simple, and imperfect, yet the poetry of it speaks to me. The fact is, I would totally love to sit down and see Jim Dead at a local bar and hang out, it’s that kind of music.

Don’t just take my word for it. Try his music out for yourself, and let me know what you think.

-Doug Foley

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hold Your Horses!- 70 Million (Video)


This is a little old, but what an AWESOME video from Hold Your Horses! Artsy folk and former Art History students will smirk a little.

"A wink at art history as band members playfully reconstruct famous paintings in an off the wall lyrical interpretation all their own."

Tall Heights- The Making of Rafters EP (Video)


Tall Heights is a Boston based folk duo driven by infectious vocal harmonies and a folk-inspired accompaniment of cello and acoustic guitar. Their latest release, Rafters EP, released in the fall of last year, is now available for $1 and features the wonderful song they shared with us on BandSoup, "To Be Young".

Watch the above video to see the interesting methods Tim Harrington and Paul Wright used to put the EP together.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This Week on BandSoup (1/2-1/9)

Another week in the books and yet another week of great uploads here on BandSoup! Here are a few of the bands that you must hear according to an unanimous vote from the BandSoup blog team. Remember, new bands pop up on the site 1-5 times per day, so check back in with us. You might be missing out on your new favorite band!

Click the band's name to hear their music.

Diamond (Alternative Rock) --  Heavily Influenced by 90's alternative music, Skateboarding, and girls, "Don't Lose Your Cool" is now available for digital download.

Surgeon (Post-Rock/Instrumental) --  Check out our album review.

Diggs Duke (Neo-Soul) --  As if they are synonymous, Diggs Duke's music blends a limber voice with winding horn lines and electric guitar passages.

Blaise Paisel (Indie Rock) -- Led by the sultry vocals of Alie Richardson, Blaise Paisel is a five piece band out of the UK that might remind you a little of The Cranberries.

Gypsy Ray (Reggae/Rock) -- Gypsy Ray is a rock band from Vancouver, BC. Consisting of James, Shawn, DJ, and Andrew, these men use various musical influences of reggae, funk, indie and alternative genres to create the eclectic sound they have today.

Rare Monk (Alternative/Indie Rock) --  Check out our blog post.

Innobushu (Electro/Instrumental) --  Chicago native Innobushu - real name Herry Utama - has been slowly building a cult following over the past few years via a series of self released projects, garnering acclaim from the likes of Joe Kay (Soulection) amongst others in the process. FreeForm Records are now pleased to present Innobushu's newest offering: Distraction EP.

Hold Your Horses! (Polyphonic Pop) -- Hold your Horses! is a franco american seven-headed, fourteen-handed, polyphonic monster from Paris. Meshing, with the know how of proverbial idiot savants, rock and pop, wood and brass, the voices of boys with those of girls with those of foreign calls.

Import/Export (Indie Rock) -- Soft rock, Alternative, Western Swing. A song about stupid young people, naivety, and mid-summer scotch.

Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters (Rock) -- Rock and roll from Limerick, Ireland.

Black Swan White (Synth Rock/Electro) --  Black Swan White is pulsing, beating and pounding the way into a new era of dance music. The influence behind it all ranges from 80's new wave to electro house, from punk rock to industrial rock, and it even has its share of soul and pop music.

Surgeon- Surgeon EP (Free Download)


Surgeon is a St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada based group of post-rock phoenixes that rose from the ashes of a previous instrumental rock project called Narrows in 2008. After adopting a darker, heavier, and structural vibe to their music, these practitioners of prog, led by leftover Narrows members Steve Cowan and Andrew Wicks, went full speed ahead into another realm of instrumental rock and came up with their debut self titled EP that we bring you today.

Unlike many other post-rock and math-rock outfits, Surgeon are careful to avoid weaving compositions that are under developed or overly complicated; instead, the band combines moody multi-layered melodies, waves of intricate guitar work, and a rousing rhythm section that seamlessly flow through multiple genres while still offering audiences music that's easy to digest. Instrumental rock is a still a niche genre, but Surgeon is one of those bands that could entice a new brand of listener because they understand how not to alienate the average joe while keeping the attention of listeners that are searching for a musical mind fuck.

On their six track EP, Surgeon first lures you in with the aptly titled intro, "Spectrum", where they begin with a sequence of pulsating hard rock riffs that eventually splash onto a shore of trickling guitars and dreamy percussion before looping back into a nightmare of metal. "Octomom" opposes the intro as slow tentacles full of ethereal electronic noise, hypnotic bass and drums, and layers of guitars and eastern woodwinds slowly swirl in circles before the song breaks off into a fast and hopeful swim. The band then shows their various talents with the meat and potatoes of the album-- "Silverfish", "Doso", and "Solar"-- where Surgeon's song composing, expert musicianship, and knack of playing within the heart beat of instrumental rock's cardiovascular system surges through each epic twist. The grand finale, "Rat King", is exactly that, culminating everything the band did throughout the EP in one last dramatic song fit for everyone's end.

The music on this EP is almost two years old, so it will be interesting to see where the band goes next with their music. For now, this emerging Canadian outfit is looking to leave their Newfoundland shores to explore the world and are hoping that this EP gives them the wings to do so.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Rags & Ribbons- Even Matter (Video)


Portland, Oregon based alternative rockers Rags & Ribbons (formerly known as Galaxy Farm) wanted to bring in 2012 with a bang and what better way to do that as a band than releasing a single and an awesome accompanying video?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Walter Cabal Studio Interview (Video)


Riverside, California based singer-songwriter Walter Cabal is preparing his new album, Between Lines, with producer/engineer Matt Mendoza. In the above video, the two talk about the recording process and what it's like to collaborate on an album coming from two different mind states.

The Wheeler Brothers- Spent Time (Video)


Official music video for "Spent Time" from the album Portraits.

Formed in Austin, Texas, Wheeler Brothers have quickly emerged as one of Austin's most exciting up-and-coming bands. The five-piece independent folk-rock act combines the indie vibe of Austin with the twang of Texas folk. Brothers Nolan, Tyler and Patrick met Danny Matthews at LSU where they spent much of their time picking guitars and swapping stories in the bar rooms of Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Once back in Austin their magnetic sound was completed by the addition of lifelong friend and singer/songwriter A.J. Molyneaux. Each member brings his own ideas and sounds to the group, with styles blending indie rock, blues and folk.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sun Hotel- Got Along [Acoustic] (Video)


Here is an awesome live acoustic performance by Sun Hotel somewhere in Austin, Texas on New Years Day.

We talked about Sun Hotel before on our Soup of the Day #19 post:

Sun Hotel sound like the South they’re from; sometimes swampy and sweltering, sometimes cool and breezy, but always assertive and self-assured.” - Quick Before It Melts

The New Orleans based quintet Sun Hotel are on fire with the sound of what they call post-gospel. On their latest EP, Gifts, the band blaze through 5 tracks armed with fuzzy, drifting ambient guitars, infectious four-part harmonies, thundering rhythms, and biting lyrics. 

This video was recorded the morning after Sun Hotel, Caddywhompus, Black James Franco, and Psychedelic Tractor played at Trevor Smith's house for New Year's Eve. This was filmed in one shot, first take, by Harrison Smith. Chris Rehm set up 5 iPods around the yard and edited the audio and video. Talib Abdullahi drove the truck that Harrison was sitting in for filming. The car was pushed by Sean Hart, Chris Rehm, and Trevor Smith. This song "Got Along" originally appeared in Sun Hotel's EP "Gifts", released October 2011 on Chinquapin Records. 

60 Second Review: Protagonist


Protagonist can best be described as “punk for the new age.” With a sound in the same vein as Fugazi and Bad Religion, Protagonist presents Bandsoup with their own blend of punk rock fused with hardcore influences.

Their new EP “States,” (released on Paper+Plastick Records) proves once and for all that this band can rock with the best. "Destination Desolation" is a track that punches you in the face from the first chord and never stops punishing. The stand out track, for me anyways, would have to be “Sirens.” This song, with its flawless guitar work and lyrics for the realist in all of us, is over before you know it, but makes you want to play the short but sweet 1:58 over and over again. It’s hard to pick one element of this bands latest release that sticks out, mainly because of the non-stop musical assault from each band member, so you might as well grab the free download below.

Their DIY work ethic and non-stop touring seems to be paying off for these five young dudes from Florida. Check them out for yourself because my sixty seconds of writing do not do them justice.

-Matt B.

Protagonist on Facebook
Download "States" for FREE

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rare Monk- Astral Travel Battles


Rare Monk is a five piece band out of Portland, Oregon that immediately pulled my heartstrings with their special brand of violin smoked indie rock that floats through galaxies of psychedelic guitars, 90s alternative, and indie rock. On their most recent album, Astral Travel Battles (self released, June 2011), the band shows off its collective dexterity and schizophrenia by jumping through an array of musical genres over seven oddly cohesive tracks.

The album's spirited opener "Shoot Me Down" sets the standard as lead singer Dorian Aites wails a simple tale of an outlaw on the run over a catchy background of pulsating guitars and saloon table slapping strings. "Teak" then steers in a different direction. The band's unpretentious political side emerges through Aites' banshee screams and metaphorical imagery, playing with your analysis of what Rare Monk really is, before bleeding seamlessly into the dreamy, Minus the Bearesque "Declaration of Entropic (In)Dependence"; an infectious song with a classic indie rock sound that pairs well with the soaring foundations of "Crystalline Logic".

The morphing face of Rare Monk continues through the rest of the album, but you are never left bewildered with their motives. Astral Travel Battles is a cornucopia of post-90s alternative influences cultivated within a pristine rhythm section's superior skills, the charisma that strings bring to rock and roll, and the voice of a compelling lead singer that demands attention like the two lead singers he reminds me of in Isaac Brock and Matt Shultz.

The "rare" in their name is as authentic as their arsenal. This is a band to keep your ear on.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome to I Can Feel A Hot One!


Welcome to my first BlogSoup post, “I Can Feel A Hot One”. The song “I Can Feel A Hot One” by Manchester Orchestra was the first song that I ever heard from them back in 2008 with the release of their EP, Let My Pride Be What’s Left Behind. The reason I tell you this is because as I go about my week and listen to BandSoup artists I will give you a review of the most impressive thing I came across for the week. Manchester Orchestra is one of my favorite bands and maybe some of the artists I come across on BandSoup will become favorites of mine too. Beyond that, if I am persuasive enough, and the music is worthy, they may become your favorites too. My listening will span all genres and I will be on the lookout for my “Hot One of the Week”! 

Send me your finds from BandSoup.com and maybe you can influence my picks!

Twitter: @DougtotheFoley

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