Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Week on BandSoup (5/23-5/30)

Another week in the books and yet another week of great uploads here on BandSoup! Here are a few of the bands that you must hear in case you missed them spinning in the bowl. Remember, you can always click "more songs" on the main page or click into the search box, press the space bar once, and hit enter to see the latest uploads in order.

Click on the artist name below to listen.

Seven Summits (Indie Rock) -- Seven Summits are Rory Nellis, Dominic Coyle, Francis McCrory and Joe Laverty. They use a range of guitar & synth sounds to create melody-driven alternative music.

The band had a busy year in 2010. After their solid self-titled debut, they recruited some new members and were put forward to play the BBC introducing Stage at Glastonbury. In December, to top off a great year, Seven Summits released their first single, “Burning Heart”, to critical acclaim.

Drama King (Instrumental Rock/Guitarist) -- 7 new instrumental rock tracks from Drama King. Great guitar work on "Option Explicit".

Galaxicon (Sludge/Metal) -- Although often lumped in with the burgeoning doom/sludge/riff-worship scene, Galaxicon's take on heavy music is equal parts death/black metal and prog/classic rock. It is loud, destructive, experimental, but deliberate, meticulously constructed to convey something more than just "heavy." Songs such as "Rapture of the Deep" and "A Man Should Remember His Past" offer crushing riffs, atmospheric blackened melodies, and dynamic shifts in phrasing and syncopation.

The Heavy Empty (Instrumental Rock- Looking for Lead Singer) -- A melodic rock band that just released a great demo album full of infectious instrumentals. They may or may not be looking for a lead singer-- interested? (New York City area)

Holy City Zoo (Alternative Rock/Post-Punk) -- 4 dudes from New Brunswick, New Jersey that make highly energetic tunage.

Mercury in Summer (Pop Rock) -- Mercury in Summer is a critically acclaimed Art-Pop band from Washington D.C. Their new album "In Your Face" was recently released on iTunes on May 17th. The video for this song can be seen here.

Killing Grace (Southern Rock) -- Killing Grace is a Hard Rock originals band started in Middle Tennessee in 2006 by Matthew Dee Edmondson, Clarksville, TN (songwriting/ lead vocals/ production); Doug Barnes, Franklin, TN (songwriting/ guitar/ production); and Lee Darby, Hendersonville, TN (song arrangements/ percussion/ production). The mission for these three Middle Tennessee artists was to compose original Hard Rock Arena Anthems that are diverse, fresh and hot.

Rosebud (Indie Rock) -- Check out their great single, "You Dance Like You Fuck".

Big Jaw (Alternative Rock) -- Big Jaw sounds like The James Gang sharing a Coke and two straws with Queens of the Stone Age.

Vices I Admire (Alternative Rock) -- Vices I Admire is an alternative/indie rock band straight outta Denver CO. Download their latest album for as little as 1¢. Check out 6 tracks from the band at the link above.

Farewell Disaster (Alternative Rock) -- A hard hitting rock band from Macon, Georgia that are currently promoting their new album, Disbelief.

Skint and Demoralised (Indie Pop) -- Lyric-based alternative indie/pop 5-piece based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. New album 'This Sporting Life' due out early July.

SMB Project (Alternative Rock) -- Floaty dreampop sequences mixed with blasts of shoegaze reverb characterize SMB Project, a four piece alt rock group based in Orlando, Florida. SMBP is often likened to early 90s rockers such as Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, and the Pixies, as well as current indie shoegaze pop groups like Silversun Pickups. Watch the video for their song Lights & Sounds here.

Look North (Pop Punk) -- Look North, out of Rhode Island, is the newest addition to the Asava Music/District Kills family, and the debut artist for Asava Music Group. Fronted by YouTube sensation, Rod Pires, Look North delivers a driven pop-rock sound, and coupled with an absolutelty unforgettable and passionate live show. Look North just finished recording their debut a EP at Maximum Sound Studios in Danvers, to be released this summer on Asava Music, followed by a full touring schedule, so stay tuned for tons of new stuff coming from the Look North dudes.

The Steven Hackney (Instrumental Rock/Guitarist) -- Steven currently has 35 songs on BandSoup for your enjoyment. Steven Hackney has over 430 songs, 17 guitars, 5.5 years of playing, and 3.5 years of songwriting and recording. Specializes in distorted electric guitar, Bass guitar, reinventing acoustic guitar tunings, and drum beats.

Jesse Rhodes (Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter) -- Singer/Songwriter from Santa Barbara.

CanyonLands (Pysch-Rock) -- Tragically underrated droney pysch-rock.

Lee Younger (Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter) -- Demo record from a Knoxville based musician.

Rachel Louise (Pop/Singer-Songwriter) -- Holland based Singer-Songwriter that just released her debut EP, Living in Holland. Vanessa Carlton/Regina Spektor-esque.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Video: SMB Project- Lights and Sounds


Orlando's SMB Project recently shared a couple of songs on the main site and then shot over their most recent video for their single Lights and Sounds that was released this past April. I have a feeling that the Silversun Pickups and Smashing Pumpkin comparisons might be getting a little cliche and tired to the band by now, but I couldn't help but mentioning it.

"Lights and Sounds is an up-tempo song with a heavy back beat. The music swirls around the vocals in a psychedelic dance, twisting and weaving through the message in the lyrics. It's about being yourself and not caving to social pressures."- Orlando Music Examiner.

The Muddy Reds


 If I was asked to describe The Muddy Reds, one of Los Angeles, California's finest new bands, in one sentence it would be: Rompin', stompin', throaty soul with a spellbinding swagger.

Channeling the bluesy ghouls that used to haunt the front stoops of the south, The Muddy Reds conjure images of dusty bones set against black sunrises, of sex and lost souls; their music evokes the primal urges to sweat and shake and move and breathe. These aren't coattail riders of The White Stripes or The Black Keys, this is a quartet with a sound all their own-- a refined, soulful swamp revival with hints of Americana, classic 60s songwriting, and whiskey washed grooves.

Their 2010 unveiling, Mannequin, was recorded in a haunted house in Tarzana, CA. The 9-track record reflected their surroundings in all of their recordings and is full of gusty blues jams that will have music fans floating over dive bar dance floors like ghosts (Flophouse, Rolling Dead, Love is a Gun); misty modern musings coated in a swampy film of forgotten front porch laureates (Automatic Springtime, Wesley); and dusky nomadic nuances.

Due to the success of Mannequin, the Muddy boys are back in the studio working on their next EP that is expected to see a release this summer. Until then, grab a copy of Mannequin to hold you over (it's only 4 bones and some change), check out live performances and more on their YoutTube channel, and stay tuned for more updates on the band on BandSoup.

Video for Flophouse below:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Video: Mercury in Summer- She's Automatic


Official Music Video for She's Automatic off Mercury in Summer's latest release, "In Your Face", now on iTunes. http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/in-your-face-ep/id437846344?uo=4

Director/Editor: Daniel Belkin

Dirty Banners


While penning nervous breakdowns inside a weather worn journal in Richmond, Virginia, singer/songwriter Alexander Gruenburg constructed a contagious demo single dubbed "Money Magic", which eventually caught the attention of Richmond producer Hugo Haggie. Seeing potential in the demo, Haggie agreed to produce his debut album in his home studio.

Finding inspiration in the music of James Brown, The Rolling Stones, as well as contemporary Top 40 club bangers, Gruenburg began crafting the indie-pop sound of Dirty Banners. Preparing for the release of Money Magic, Gruenburg began gathering musicians to start playing live shows around the city. Dirty Banners became a five-piece band with bassist Keith Paul, guitarist Jake Kennedy, keyboardist Lucy Sherman, and Drummer Cre Moore. 

The Banners' self titled debut album is fun, dexterous, and infectious. The band somehow balances danceable pop riffs and melodies with garage grit and indie rock sensibilities with ease, making their 8-track unveiling one of the most accessible records I've heard in a while. If you find yourself in a car with a sniveling elitist hipster, a dance loving teenage girl, discofied parents, and a grandparent that digs the blues, make sure you have this album on the iPod to make everyone shut up and groove on the grueling ride home.

Songs like "Money Magic", "Heart On", "Am I Fucking Up or Freaking Out", and "Put on Your Shades" are dying for airplay and global praise. In my opinion, Dirty Banners is Richmond, Virginia's diamond in the rough and an unsung band that is on the verge of blowing up. I have a feeling the alarm is about to go off on Alexander Gruenburg and his band, because his knack for penning catchy pop music along with the band's natural spark in the studio is the perfect recipe to create the next hipsterzilla that has the weight to terrorize the planet.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Soup of the Day #8: Johnny Neel & The Criminal Element- Sum of it All


Although not a household name, Johnny Neel is a Grammy award nominee recognized in the music world for his work with the Allman Brothers, Lonnie Mack and Gov't Mule, among others. In addition to his soulful vocals, harp, piano and B-3 proficiency, Johnny is an accomplished songwriter whose tunes have been recorded by the likes of the Allman Brothers, Joe Louis Walker, John Mayall, Irma Thomas, Ann Peebles, Marie Osmond, the Oak Ridge Boys and Travis Tritt.

Johnny met Nashville based band Mile 8 in 2001 through a mutual friend and his band, Chef Dave. Frequently sitting in and jamming with Mile 8 led to a musical friendship that would last for years to come. Curt Redding and Randy Boen had plenty of experience backing up Johnny and Russell Wright had stepped in on bass with Mile 8 near its end and developed an immediate connection to Curt and his drumming. When Johnny sprung the idea of this band, The Criminal Element was born.

"Sum of It All" is a hard, plowing ride through the classic blues-rock sounds of the 70s, infectious Dr. John-like wails, and modern jam band influences. Johnny and his band provide a flawless classic rock composition that will have baby boomers and beyond bashing their bare knuckles against their stomachs in mock air guitar motions to the opening riff and accompanying solos.

For those that say rock and roll is dead, click the link above and hear it come to life.

Monday, May 23, 2011

This Week on BandSoup (5/15- 5/22)

We have had a great week of uploads here on BandSoup! Here are a few of the bands that you must hear in case you missed them spinning in the bowl. Remember, you can always click "more songs" on the main page or click into the search box, press the space bar once, and hit enter to see the latest uploads in order.

Click on the artist name below to listen.

Hot Dude Party (Indie Rock)  Info: Hot Dude Party got together for their first show in the Spring of 2009. Since then, their sound has evolved into an intricate and far more fun genre of party-rock. Their main focus for every show is that the crowd have the most fun possible. 

Info: We are a songwriting duo with a passion for music and storytelling. The Royal Sons are: Landon Maslyn (Vocals/ Piano/ Guitar) and Hayden Coplen (Drums/ Percussion) and have a Coldplay/Counting Crows feel.

Info: The Awkward Robot is the result of the minds of Jason Martins and Javier Martinez, graduates of Full Sail University. Jason originally From NH and Javier a native of El Paso Texas relocated to Austin TX to give the music industry a try. With comparisons to Kevin Devine, Bob Dylan, and bright eyes they are ready to show the world what they have.

Info: A nice modern indie rock track from this new Lexington, South Carolina based band.

 Info:  Free Download of there Is There Is album  Flearoy (Folk)  Info:  Flearoy, a promising collection of five talented musicians, makes records like they used to be made -- with real people playing real instruments at the height of their ability. On their self-titled debut album, Flearoy presents a fresh blend of funk and folk in six finely crafted and proficiently produced original tunes, plus two old folk covers rediscovered and rearranged. [Free DL here]  Justine Vandergrift (AltCountry)  Info:  An interesting blend of folk, pop, and country from this Edmonton based singer/songwriter.  Zero (Indie Rock)   Info:Zero began as a small project by guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Will Hayden, and developed into the driving rock band Zero with the addition of bassist and vocalist Logan Moon in the summer of 2010. Within weeks the band began recording demos, some of the most notable being “You Don't Know”, a fast-paced song about one-night-stands, whiskey and rock n' roll with a vocal line that calls up similarities to bands like the Arctic Monkeys and Cage the Elephant, and “Hipster Love”, a tongue in-cheek Weezeresque commentary on hipster girls, movies, music.
  Hurricane Doyle (Southern Rock)  Info: Heavy hitting southern rock band from Nashville. Ambassadeurs (Electronic)
Info:  Ambassadeurs AKA Mark Dobson, a Musician/DJ/Producer hailing from Brighton, UK who's eclectic sound draws influence from Electronic, EDM, Hip-Hop, Dub, Field Recordings, Ambient and many other forms of music and continues to try and push the boundaries when it comes to production.   D.V.S. (Electronic)  Info: D.V.S* (aka Derek VanScoten) is a Brooklyn based Guitarist/ Producer. Some people have used the terms "Brightstep," Glo-Fi", and "Soulgaze" to describe his music. He warms hearts with his melodies, and dancefloors with his Beats.   

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Video: Chalk and Numbers- Let's Go Away


After days of shooting around bits of Williamsburg, Coney Island, and Jersey, our first music video for "Let's Go Away" is finished. We had a lot of fun making it (even made a field trip to a mall in NJ-- we don't get those in Brooklyn) so we hope you enjoy it.

Friday, May 13, 2011

This Week on BandSoup (5/6-5/13)

We have had a great week of uploads here on BandSoup! Here are a few of the bands that you must hear in case you missed them spinning in the bowl. Remember, you can always click "more songs" on the main page or click into the search box, press the space bar once, and hit enter to see the latest uploads in order.

Click on the artist name below to listen.

Jake Lauer - Acoustic Rock

Info: Jake uploaded his entire new Don't Forget to Breathe album. A catchy blend of acoustic and electric, upbeat and mellow, rock and folk, with thought-provoking lyric.

Ugly Beautiful - Alternative Rock

Info: Ugly Beautiful are set to get back on the road again to flaunt their “versatile album that occupies a head space somewhere between the Pixies and Pearl Jam”.

Halfway to Avalon - Alternative Rock

Info: Halfway To Avalon is a rock band from Boston, Mass. that strives to deliver passionate and emotional performances.

Mockingbird Sun - Country Rock

Info: Zac Brown Band-ish. [Free DL here]

Oh Condor - Indie Rock

Info: Formerly known as 8bit Revival, Oh Condor is a Dayton, Ohio band full of everlasting energy and an infectious indie rock zeal.

Chickenbone Riff - Hip Hop

Info: A vintage House of Pain vibe mixed with a cocktail of hard drugs, depression, and overall weirdness.

Sophie Burbery - Indie Pop

Info: "…the love-child of an unholy coupling between Cyndi Lauper and the Pet Shop Boys.”[Free DL here]

Key Committee -  Country Rock

Info: A five piece band that includes, among other things, siblings and significant others. Key Committee is a mix of genres that have reared their heads in unexpected ways throughout the writing process. We maintain hints of Folk, Blues, Country, Soul, Indie Rock and, of course, good old fashioned Rock and Roll.

Battle Circus - Progressive Rock

Info: Dynamic and dark, New Zealand’s Battle Circus douses the senses with stunningly dramatic ferocity. The four-piece’s reputation for explosive performances and bold, ambitious musical arrangements has led them to take the stage at numerous international festivals. [Free DL here]

The BellBoys - Americana

Info: When you listen to The Bellboys, it’s hard to know if they’re rural outlaws or city boys with beards, and it turns out they’re a bit of both. The Portland, Ore.-based Americana folk-rock group lets its Idaho roots show in timeless songwriting, tight, grizzly harmonies and classic, tasteful guitar leads that are all energized by countless hours playing the streets and packed venues within Portland [Free DL Here].

The Bride Stripped Back - Alternative Rock

Info: Crisp band with a fantastic lead vocalist in Natalie Edith Korinfsky.

Outasight - Hip Hop/Soul

Info: Every so often a new artist comes along with a sound so innovative, they are able to help reshape the barriers that confine mainstream music. Meet Outasight, the Yonkers, New York bred musician who brilliantly weaves together the cadenced sounds of popular hip-hop and indie rock with the poignant sensibility of classic pop and soul music to create a fresh, new sound that is all his own. [Free DL Here].

Farnell Newton - Jazz

Info: Currently, Farnell Newton is performing with the Mike Phillips band. He also recently performed as trumpeter for the 2009 Soul Train Awards house band, which played with notable artists, such as Erykad Badu, Ledisi, Chaka Khan, Fantasia, Charlie Wilson, Bootsy Collins, Ginuwine, Brian McKnight, Johnny Gill, Raheem Devaughn, Chrisette Michelle, Boyz II Men, Melanie Fiona, and Ryan Leslie.

The Wicks - Indie Rock (w/ a twinge of alt-country)

Info: The Wicks are a Canadian alternative rock band based in Victoria, BC. The band formed in 2008 following the break up of the mariachi and country punk collective, Cheers in the Belfry, which garnered much acclaim for their bazaar live performances, and vastly original song catalogue. After a Canadian tour, and a year spent in Montreal QC writing songs in small apartments, and dimly lit watering holes, lead singer Matt McLean, along with brother and guitar player Dustin McLean, and keyboardist Jeff Gulka, returned to their hometown of Victoria BC to record the full length, self produced record, ‘Local Dirt’ under the new name ‘the Wicks’.

Neon Bullets - Blues Rock

Info: Formed on a whim to play a show in December 2010, Neon Bullets are a band built as much on off-the-cuff improvisation, musical and otherwise, as they are on an irrepressible energy, a Hendrixian fury, a Zeppelin-esque ardor that makes their music sound just as much as like 1969 as it does 2011.   The Wakers- Pop Rock
Info: Pop-Rock band from Toronto. Free DL of their new EP here.  The Peach Kings - Indie Rock  Info: Stripped down, The Peach Kings power is derived from Paige Wood's hauntingly sensual vocals combined with Steven Trezevant's raw guitar majesty. Subtle additions of chains, bells, claps, and shakers, pepper the core-music.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BandSoup is Trendy, BandSoup has a Tumblr


Did you know that BandSoup has a Tumblr blog program?! It's great fun. Look at William H. Macy's twin brothers face in the above pic-- it tells you everything.

Follow us, recommend us, re-blog/like the songs that you enjoy.

Soup of the Day #7: Daybreak Embrace- Thirty Six


Southern Florida's Daybreak Embrace marks the return of epic, radio friendly alternative rock for any music fan that is sick and tired of the latest pop-glazed trends. The newly formed quintet combines early 90's grit with the progressive approach of 21st century rock, led by the commanding presence of lead vocalist James Wamsley and an impressive, well seasoned supporting cast.

"Thirty Six" comes from their debut EP, Tomorrow Awaits, and serves as a perfect introduction to the band's sound and style-- highly energetic rock wrapped up in crisp transitions, vigorous drumming, and galvanizing guitars.  The EP was released in November of 2010 and immediately made Daybreak Embrace Florida's force to be reckoned with.

Drop $5 and they'll prove it to you...by shoving it down your throat.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Video: Paleo- Holly Would


Iowa’s David Strackany (also known as Paleo) is an artist’s artist - a ramblin’ man with a prolific output.  He also writes some wickedly simple songs. Fitting to have a wickedly simply video for this single off his upcoming LP Fruit of the Spirit out on June 21 on Partisan Records. He’s on tour the next few weeks - check if he’ll be near you.

Here are a few BandSoup bands that are like Paleo if you dig what you hear on the video!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Soup of the Day #6: The Crystal Method- Come Back Clean (Muscle Hawk Remix)


Muscle Hawk is a dirty and delightful Salt Lake City based mind fuck full of hyper active electronic riffs, flogging funk elements, and aggressive synth-pop grit. Their critically acclaimed EPs, The Speed of Dark (2009) and Superfuture (2010), have solidified the duo as one of the best emerging groups in Utah and in the United States, making Greg Bower and Josh Holyoak some of the most highly sought after producers in their genre.

This above statement is immediately justified in our latest Soup of the Day selection, Come Back Clean (Muscle Hawk Remix), as Muscle Hawk rips their talons into The Crystal Method's 2009 single and delivers an audacious re-make of an otherwise light and feminine original. The grinding stabs blanket the hard hitting drums perfectly as Emily Haines' alluring vocals send the track soaring. Over four minutes, Muscle Hawk keeps it gritty, danceable, and impulsive, giving the record a tremendous amount of replay value, while keeping the dance floor on their toes and wanting more. A Muscle Hawk signature flight.

Musclehawk's latest EP, Superfuture, is available to purchase on iTunes and features another MH classic, Set Yourself on Fire. 

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