Tuesday, December 8, 2009

About Us

The Blog

The BandSoup blog was created to spotlight some of the best and brightest musicians that have shared their music on BandSoup.com. Every single musician that uploads at least one song on our main website has the chance to be featured on our blog, receive a write up, and have their music and information shared via our newsletter and various social media profiles that reach thousands of rabid music fans around the globe!

We do not accept submissions via e-mail, but we do encourage artists to upload their music to our website and give us notice via twitter or e-mail that they have uploaded. If you have any free downloads, videos, or free mix tapes/albums, we would be glad to post them and link within an article on our blog along with your BandSoup stream.

You can contact our blog team at: Ryan@BandSoup.com or via our twitter page.

You can also check out our Tumblr site here, which features great tidbits for fans and musicians.

The Site

The corporate gatekeepers are falling. Now, all music can be discovered, shared, promoted, and heard directly by the audience and the artists themselves. This democratization of music, driven by the internet and advances in music recording technology, makes for an unprecedented and exciting time for music fans and artists alike.

Instead of the same four labels and traditional media outlets telling us what we should want, we, the people, have direct access to all forms of creative inspiration and musical creations that can inspire and open our minds to new sounds and experiences. It's now OUR choice and OUR music.

Although the future of this new era is still unclear, what we do know is more people throughout the world have greater access to create, consume, and share music than ever before. This has allowed music participation to return to its primal roots where music was something for everyone.

BandSoup does not wish to be a gatekeeper; instead, we wish to engage with experienced and un-experienced artists and fans on a daily basis and form a free, simple, and fun music community that everyone can enjoy. Artists upload their latest songs into the Soup Bowl, then listeners point and play. It's that simple. Songs can be saved, shared, or listened to anytime, anywhere.

BandSoup is not an archive of the past, it's a continuous flow of "now" music.
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Sonny Mendez said...

Keep Rockin!


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