Saturday, December 12, 2009


Since melting away from his original home in North Pole, Alaska, MC Intuition has been busy making a name for himself in Los  Angeles, California with his energetic stage shows and infectious chemistry with Swim Team MC, VerBS. After the release of their celebrated BUZZ EP earlier this year, Intuition is moving forward with his solo career and concentrating on promoting the release of his upcoming solo record, Girls Like Me, which will be released the 1st quarter of 2010.

Before Girls Like Me hits store shelves, Intuition wanted to introduce himself to the blogosphere by releasing a mixtape full of new tracks from the album, as well as some unreleased tracks, collaborations, and various music throughout his career that you might not have heard before. The mixtape, which will be hosted by Intuition's on stage DJ, DJ Murj, will be called, Girls are Gonna Like Me, and will see its release in late December after a few exclusive leaks and singles are released through promotional sites.

Al Bundy is the first single from the mixtape & album. Listen to the song and peep the new video below.

Check out more new exclusive music from Intuition on BandSoup!

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