Monday, December 14, 2009


After listening to their tracks on BandSoup, I knew this quirky quartet from Minneapolis, Minnesota would be a perfect new band for generation ADD with their ability to morph from the methodical mood in "Moon Over the Water" to the Jolt cola induced 90's alt-jam "Chosen Ones."

Junebug, a four piece band that has known one another since grade school, show off their chemistry and knack for making happy haphazard hits sound cohesive on their self released debut album, Share, now available on iTunes and CDBaby.

While putting their own spin on styles that  made bands like Presidents of the United States of  America and They Might Be Giants household names for dive barflies in the early nineties, Junebug flutters away from catching band copy-cat syndrome and land amongst a short list of new bands that understand what being creative and having fun can do for their music.

Junebug is currently back in the studio working on their sophomore release, Modern Day Fairy Tales, which, according to the band, "will strangely be made up of older material." Stay tuned.

Below are two tracks from their latest album, Share, that they uploaded to BandSoup's main hub, as well as the video for "Chosen Ones."

Moon Over the Water: [audio]

Click here for free download of "Moon Over the Water"

Click here for free download of "Chosen Ones"

Check out more tracks from Junebug's debut album on BandSoup!

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