Monday, December 7, 2009

Submit An Album For Review

Would you like to submit your new EP/Album to our blog team for a potential album review or feature? Please copy/paste, fill out this short form below, and send it to the e-mail address below.

By submitting this form, you will have a chance to be featured on our affiliated blog in a full album review, 60 Second Review, or one of our many featured columns. You can also submit a press release for a new album and any free downloads/free album downloads to the same address.

Thank You!

NOTE: For anything to be featured on the BandSoup Blog, you must first share at least one song on our main site: If you have shared music in the past and have a new album/single out, it would really be cool if you shared the new song/s on the site.

Copy/Paste this form and send to:

Blog Music Submission Form

Band/Artist Name:

Website/Facebook Page URL:

Link to Album Download/Stream (we prefer third party links, whether it be hosted on your own website, mediafire, or bandcamp):

Album Release Date:

Any Background Info/Press Release/One Sheet/Bio About the Band or Album Release:

Any other links (videos, vlogs, live performances, etc): 

* Please don't send in any albums/EPs that are over a year old. Sending in an album/EP for a review does not gaurantee a review or feature on the blog. 
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