Friday, December 18, 2009

Todd Wright

Journeyman musician Todd Wright is doing it right.

As technology and social networking trends continue to bloom, so are golden opportunities for artists to spread their music to new fans around the globe. Instead of waiting to be broadcasted to potential fans by local press outlets and word of mouth suggestions, you dish it out-- free of charge-- via your personal blog, twitter, Facebook, and Myspace accounts and watch the beauty of viral marketing unfold and infect.

A great example and proverbial "how to" guide for independent musicians is currently being executed by singer/songwriter, Todd Wright; a Washington DC artist who has tangled guitar strings with a myriad of musicians, such as: Better Than Ezra, Pat McGee, Lucy Woodward, Junkfood, Toby Lightman and many more.

Using his website,, Todd has launched his 40 x 40 campaign, where he says goodbye to his thirties by releasing one song every week for 40 consecutive weeks and offers them as a free download, with no strings attached, until he reaches his 40th birthday. Each free download comes with a paragraph of information explaining how he constructed the track, where the idea came from, and who assisted him on the recording. A perfect way to empower your craft by manipulating the power of the internet.

Below is the latest entry of his 40 x 40 campaign, I Ain't Gonna Do That,  and another track that I dug from earlier in this campaign that spotlights his virtuous voice and flair for original songwriting. Stay tuned for more freebies.

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