Saturday, February 6, 2010

One Step Closer

It's always fun to see the new generation of bands begin their climb through the industry muck. To witness humble beginnings in smoke fogged dive bars adorned in sticker covered walls peeling with age, while thrashing their hearts to dust on their pawn shop electrics to a crowd of less than a hundred; wailing in front of friends and family at backyard BBQ gigs;  endlessly updating and checking their myspace pages for feedback and to see how many people bothered to check the latest single. It takes a lot of balls, hope, and talent to make it through years of grassroots gigs and promotions like this. Not many bands, especially young ones, are able to endure. Some quickly fizzle and grey like the butt end of a finished cigarette, some play one gig and become instant sociopaths and go solo, but some rise through the ashes like scorched phoenixes and taste what it's like to "make it."

One Step Closer, a 4-piece band out of Oxford, Pennsylvania, are examples of future phoenixes that just began their feast.  At first glance, you might write them off due to their bushy haired, boy band reject exterior, but don't get it twisted-- these baby faced rookies of rock can flat out play. Led by their lead singer and guitarist, Scott French, whose nasally vocals remind me of a mix between Billy Joe of Green Day and Max Collins of Eve 6, One Step Closer is an emerging Alternative band ready to take that one big step closer to a contract and consistent paycheck. They will get there, because what the band lacks in studio polish, make up for with intensity and fantastic instrumentals. When finally placed in the hands of professionals, there is no doubt the potential will morph into payola.

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