Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ten Feet Deep

What happens when you play your first show ever in the deep end of a drained pool? You get a sweet new band name of course.

Ten Feet Deep, consisting of four New Yorkers: Alexander Craig (Vocals), Brendan Ryan (Guitar), Pete Chema (Bass), and Mike Leff (Drums),  are an up and coming band that have the pure pop-power to send any college bar full of cuties into a frenzy. Equipped with playful and smart lyrics, infectious pop melodies, and easy to digest concepts, Ten Feet Deep embodies what made Weezer so popular in 1994.

Their latest self titled release, which was produced by John Lissauer (Leonard Cohen, Whitney Houston) and Phillip Maniatty, might be the band's rocket ship to the radio. With contagious songs like "Worry Out," "Without Melinda," and "Hands Down," Alexander Craig proves himself a formidable pop-rock front man that was born with the ability to engage any type of ear or elitist taste-- an almost impossible feat.

I've sifted through a lot of talented bands and solo artists from various genres on BandSoup, but no other group or artist has flaunted the overwhelming radio ready, let-me-make-you-money-now pop fortitude quite like Ten Feet Deep. It's only a matter of time before this New York quartet shows the mundane Daughtry/Scott Stapp cloned rock charts how to crack a beer and laugh again.

Ten Feet Deep's latest full length LP is available now on CDBaby. Below is the video from one of my favorite songs from the record, as well as a link to their hilarious track about a chick that ruins the party (we all know one), "Without Melinda."

Click Here to Listen to Ten Feet Deep on BandSoup.

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