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13 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Bandcamp

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I’m surprised that more musicians aren’t taking advantage of Bandcamp. After all it is one of the best places to sell your music on the web, and it’s simple to use.

You can basically think of Bandcamp as a personal digital music distribution system for musicians. If you don’t have the money–or know how–to be able to sell your music directly from your website, then Bandcamp is a great option for you. And here’s why:

13) Custom URL

This is a great feature that helps connect your website seamlessly with the Bandcamp platform. Instead of you can change your URL to a sub-domain of your website like

12) Design Customization

While Bandcamp still lacks total control over it’s design (in order to keep things as clean as possible) it now allows you to create image maps in order to mimic the navigation on your own website. This is another big boon in the quest to integrate Bandcamp seamlessly into your own website.

11) Variety of Formats

After uploading your files in WAV format, Bandcamp will automatically convert your files to Mp3, AAC, Flac, Ogg Vorbis and ALAC. This gives your fans the option of downloading the format they are most comfortable with.

10) Metadata is Automatically Added

I can think of few things more annoying than downloading music only to discover it appears as Track 9 in my iTunes. As you fill in the information on your Bandcamp page, the site will automatically update the meta data so that your downloads come complete with track names, artwork, album names, and even lyrics.

9) Useful Selling Options

The good people at Bandcamp seemed to have thought of every combination you could want to give away or sell your music. Besides being able to give a track away for free, you can also: give a low quality version away for free while a high quality version requires payment, allow users to pay what they want, set a minimum price, and many more.

8) PayPal Micropayments

Bandcamp sites allow you to accept credit cards for your music by using PayPal. You now have the option of switching your account to micropayments in order to reduce the cut that PayPal will take from low priced sales like song downloads.

7) Ability to Sell Physical Products

Bandcamp now offers the ability to sell physical products like CD’s or vinyl through the site. Be aware you are still responsible for shipping out any product you sell.

6) Easy to Share

Using customizable widgets, the site allows you or your fans to easily embed your music onto other blogs or sites.

5) Collection of Email Addresses

Bandcamp gives you the option of collecting your fans email addresses in return for a free (or paid) download. This is a great way to add names to your mailing list.

4) Lightning Quick Streaming

Songs on Bandcamp load at amazing speeds. The listening experience is never interrupted.

3) Download and Discount Codes

This is great for short term promotions by allowing you to give out free music to contest winners or entice people to buy by lowering the prices for a limited time.

2) Great Customer Service

The Bandcamp team is fairly easy to get a hold of through email, and they are always seeking suggestions on how to make their service even more kick-ass.


Need I say anymore.

Besides the free factor, the great thing about Bandcamp is their never-ending quest to make the service even more useful to musicians. New updates come every few weeks and each change makes Bandcamp even more appealing. If you don’t currently have the ability to sell music directly on you’re website, then I recommend checking out this service and signing up immediately.
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