Monday, January 3, 2011 Presents: Rabbit Stew (Free Hip Hop Compilation) has just cooked up a hot pot of independent hip hop, hence the aptly titled (get it?) 17-track compilation available at your doorstep for a free download!

Our first hip hop compilation features some of the finest emerging independent hip hop artists from various spots around North America: Open Mike Eagle, Intuition, and Nocando from Los Angeles, California; Aleon Craft from Atlanta, Georgia; SkuFL from Miami, Florida; 7even:Thirty from Jackson, Mississippi; Black EL & Ryan Durkin from Boston, Massachusetts; MadKem from Queens, New York;  Mally & The Sundance Kid from Minneapolis, Minnesota; RoQ'y TyRaiD from Phoenix, Arizona; Chuuwee from Sacramento, California; Poetic Republic from Cleveland, Ohio; WrittenHouse from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; The NewOld from Chicago, Illinois; and Cloudy October from Portland, Oregon. 

In one compilation we have literally covered every crevice of the United States and showed you what they had to offer in the world of hip hop. In one compilation we touched on the weird, the emo, the grimy, the danceable, the raw, the jazzy, the spacey-- what more could you ask for?

Here are a few samples from the compilation below, as well as the link to the free download.


1. Beat Maker Beat aka Spacekid- AmourContact
2. Open Mike Eagle- I Rock (For the Unemployed)- Awkward Remix
3. Aleon Craft- Project Blue Beam
4. SkuFL- Two Wheels
5. Erik L & 7even:Thirty- Future Flow ft. Hezekiah
6. Nocando- Two Track Mind ft. Busdriver
7. Black EL & Durkin- Go! ft. Outasight
8. MadKem- What We On
9. Mally & The Sundance Kid- Heir Time
10. RoQ'y TyRaiD- I Quit!
11. Chuuwee- 6 Feet Deep
12. Freddie Joachim- Strawberries
13. Poetic Republic- The Media
14. WrittenHouse- Melodi
15. Intuition- Buzzkill ft. Slug
16. The NewOld- Life Style
17. Cloudy October- Inlaw (alternate take)

Download our Indie Rock Compilation from 2010 Here!
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