Friday, January 7, 2011

The Juliets

Fronted by pianist Jeremy Freer and supported by a classical collective made up of violinist Sara Myers, cellist Kaylan Mitchell, bassist Ashton Hopkins, and drummer Jax Phillips, The Juliets are the new pride of Detroit and the emerging Michigan music scene.

After being formed in late 2008, The Juliets began to construct classically influenced pop songs over bottles of red wine. Within the fermented grapes they found truth in sound and began to lay down their debut self titled album. The debut, which was released in February of 2010, is one of the indie pop genre's most slept on albums of the year; a flawless unveiling full of infectious melodies, masterfully designed compositions, and sublime strings. A true masterpiece that is tragically unknown.

What makes The Juliets' self titled album an even more powerful piece of work is its ability to cover every human emotion cohesively. From sweet and hopeful to glum and forlorn; from confident and full of pride to fearful and disgraced; from a place of love to a house of hate-- The Juliets make schizophrenia sound both beautiful and persistent, making the mad houses contained in our brains erupt in joy as the record spins and spins.

What The Juliets have accomplished in their first outing as a band is triumphant. Their gallant and flourishing ornamentations go unmatched throughout the industry and soon enough their brave explorations in sound will be lauded and these baroques with backbone will be adored.

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