Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sky Meets Earth/Sea of Suns

The easiest way to acclimate yourself with the best band to come out of Kansas since the 1970's is to turn up your speakers and blast their versatile and addicting debut album, Morning. On their 6-track unveiling, Wichita's Sky Meets Earth runs the rock and roll sound gauntlet and collectively tackle a variety of sounds, styles, and techniques, while somehow keeping it crisp and cohesive. From spastic alternative rock (Actions vs. Words and Doom) to radio ready pop-rock (Turn it On, The Best Policy and Bluebird) to moody experimental rock (By the Phone), Sky Meets Earth covers everything a rock fan might be looking for and executes it with effortless dexterity and grace.

Morning was recorded within a work week and released in 2008, but to kick off 2010, the young quartet decided to release the record for free on their website in hopes their generosity would spark more interest in the band and get new fans to come to their lauded live shows and spend cash on flashy merchandise.

After listening to the entire EP on BandSoup, I saw an update on the band's Facebook page that they are currently recording new tunes and will soon release their sophomore album with a new drummer at the helm and under a new band name, Sea of Suns. Stay tuned for more news and info on Sky Meets Earth/Sea of Suns, but in the meantime, visit BandSoup to listen to their entire debut EP and click the 'artist link' for the free single and/or full album download!

Click Here to Listen/Download

Here is a sneak peak on the bands new direction as Sea of Suns. The song is "Stranded" from the forthcoming album.

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