Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 Videos from BandSoup Bands

How about some more visuals to go along with the great bands that have shared their music on BandSoup? We have featured ten bands so far and now we are going to hit you with another exciting batch of eye catching videos from: The Watermarks, Pennan Brae, and Winter of Freedom.

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Listen to The Watermarks on BandSoup

Info: The Watermarks- "Fast Song" off the free Thoughts Like Bombs EP.

Listen to Pennan Brae on BandSoup

Info: Pennan Brae- "I Need You Now"// Pennan Brae's video, 'Need You Now' was shot in the sweltering heat of Osaka this August, 2010. DIrected by Mogcat Productions, the premise is of a young man writing a love letter which he folds into a paper airplane & hurls in the air, hoping it finds his love.

The paper airplane begins its hopeful journey for 'her'. It navigates crowds by the thousands, skips past planes, trains & automobiles & ventures in an arcade & music store, amongst other places.

Pennan & Mogcat looked forward to uncovering attractive backdrops. Luckily, Osaka is full of bright lights & unique settings that only exist in Japan. The pair filmed on the roof of the highest spot in town. They captured a glass escalator 550 feet above the ground. The duo took for the tallest Ferris Wheel & timed their shots within the ride's big circle. They went underground for scenes in the Osaka subway system & filmed in the halls of an infamous 'love hotel' (ie; you can rent the room by the hour). Waived off by security guards & watched warily by security cameras, it was a non-stop adventure from start to finish.

& as day gives way to night, the paper airplane discovers its destination & lands at the feet of the girl for whom it was sent. As she opens the note, it reveals the title of the song & message of the author; 'I Need You Now'!

Listen to Winter of Freedom on BandSoup

Info: Winter of Freedom- "Wonderland"// Here is a video about Winter of Freedom showing up at a party of drug induced people. They attempt to seduce us and do become successful. I(Jay), The guy with the hat, rejects all attempts of seduction, until one woman walks into the room and takes my breath away.
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