Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guadalupe Plata

Giving new life to their deceased influences, the Ubeda, Spain based trio known as Guadalupe Plata spice up their swamp rock foundation with blazing energy on stage and lo-fi techniques in the studio. Inspired by Fred MacDowell, Hound Dog Taylor's rotten slide, Skip James' obscure atmospheres, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and Elmore James, Guadalupe Plata sound like a swampy explosion of Blues history.

On their new self titled album (released February 1st, 2011), the band jams more than wails, frantically executing high energy blues instrumental tracks full of wild slide guitars and deranged drumming. When the singing can be heard, it is lo-fi and distorted, violently hypnotizing, and sounds like spanish voo-doo chants. A true testament to the bands birth origin and Louisiana influence.

As heard in songs like "Lorena" and "Boogie de la Muerte", Guadalupe Plata know how to get down. The boogying bass lines and infectious rhythm could ignite a dust storm at any BBQ and the slide guitar breakdowns are entertaining enough to rock out to while weaving through traffic on your way home. "Veneno" showcases a slower groove that proves not only can they blast off a bayou boogie, but they have the ability to woo and weave through your ear at a comfortable pace and become an at home listen as well.

With an abundance of talent in their fingers, drum sticks, and throaty howls, it's a wonder why Guadalupe Plata hasn't seen more light in the US. But, with their recent showcase at SXSW in 2010, their generosity in releasing free albums, and their eye-catching videos, I have a feeling that Guadalupe Plata will have their shining moment. Perhaps a feature on the next soundtrack of a Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino grind house influenced flick? It's fate.

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