Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Honey Pies

One of Adelaide's hottest new bands, The Honey Pies, will have you surfing waves of 60's nostalgia as they think of England and its highly energetic, pop riddled surf rock roots on their latest aptly titled album, Think of England.

Combining the Jolt cola injected riffs of The Arctic Monkeys and the Brit-Pop melodies of yesteryear, The Honey Pies are a modern day pop phenomenon. Adding even more luster to Australia's burgeoning indie rock scene, band members Jon Marco (rhythm guitar), Tony Marshall (lead guitar), Tom McCarthy-Jones (bass guitar), and Marcus Warnecke (drums) melt together and become one on Think of England, experimenting with a range of vocals, moods, and sounds while keeping the record cohesive and listener friendly. If the lo-fi garage rock feel to the vocals don't make you swoon, the bubbly instrumentation and vintage vibe will. 

There is no doubt that The Honey Pies' tunes will make some want to do The Frug, The Hitchhiker, and The Watusi, but the Adelaide quartet have enough edge and grit surrounding their sweet center to be friendly to any rock fan's ear. The Honey Pies are a pop band bad boys can listen to.

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