Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Micah Brown

Photo by: William Camargo

The whales migrating off the shores of Capistrano Beach had no idea what hit them when they heard scorching delta blues guitar riffs being mashed together with moody acoustic folk. The ocean holds many of the world's most beautiful creatures and oddities, but is the blob fish a more intriguing species than the Lightnin' Hopkins-Neil Young-Slightly Stoopid spliced musician known as Micah Brown? For an eclectic music fan, I think not.

Eclectic is the proper word to use when describing the young twenty-something singer-songwriter. Micah grew up pounding the drums as a teenaged punk rocker, but in his downtime picked up the basic 12-bar blues. After he relocated to Hawaii for school, Brown traded his drum kit for the more portable acoustic guitar and began to experiment with the strings while penning new songs.

Micah's extensive musical background and wide array of influences built a strong mold, but his most recent experience with Lewis Richards and his 17th Street Records outfit has built Micah into the powerful, emerging force he is today. Richards, a decorated producer that is best known for working with the Dirty Heads, Seedless, and Sublime, has been a huge part of cultivating Brown's infectious style. On Micah's new 7-track EP, Down Like Hail, all of the aforementioned styles and experiences collide and melt together cohesively in one beautiful ball of precipitation.

Released on January 11th, 2011, Down Like Hail is an impressive unveiling. Thoughtful, diverse, and passionate, Micah woos the world with his woeful wails over a buffet of melodic folk and blues arrangements. "Cousin in Berlin" serves as the perfect first impression, teetering between classic slide guitar riffs and a spritely folk riff reminiscent of Winnie Cooper's on screen cue in the Wonder Years. "Down Like Hail" and "Parallel World" have country hues, which cradle Brown's vocals comfortably. "Frustratin' Woman" and "Coming of Age" both show his accessibility, dexterity, song writing abilities, and easily have the fire to make Micah Brown a household name. 

It's more than obvious that Micah is in good hands with 17th Street and Lewis Richards. Down Like Hail is a stellar achievement and will undoubtedly be the foundation of a famed career.

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Anonymous said...

can you give me credit for the photograph at least, i took this photograph.
he's a good performer by the way
william camargo

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