Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Band Name Origins

Ever wonder where your favorite band came up with their unusual name? I always do. Below are some name origins (factual and rumors) from notable rock and roll bands. 

If you are a BandSoup band, let us know how you came up with your name in a comment or reply to the facebook post here. If you have any more origins to add from other bands-- post those too!

AC/DC - 1) It is said that one of the band member saw it on an appliance and thought it had something to do with power. (It does mean "alternating current / direct current".) The band used it not realizing it was also slang for a bisexual- the band claims NOT to be bisexual. 2) In the vogue of other anti-everything bands, it stands for Against Christ/Devil's Children.

BEASTIE BOYS - According to Michael Diamond, BEASTIE stands for Boys Entering Anarchistic Stages Towards Internal Excellence.

BLACK SABBATH - from a 1960's cheap horror movie starring Boris Karloff about the holy day of witchcraft.

CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL - They changed the name to Creedence Clearwater Revival, after a friend of a friend of Tom's, Credence Nuball. The first name, with its connotations of believability and integrity, appealed to the group. Clearwater also had two meanings. It came initially from a beer commercial, but also resonated with the burgeoning environmental movement of the time. Revival, however, had one meaning. It was the band's aspiration, that after four years as the Golliwogs, after ten years of playing together, this new change in their fortunes would take the band where they all knew it could go. John would often say, "The most important part was revival."

DEVO - DEVO - shortened form of "de-evolution" - the opposite of evolution - expressing the band's opinion on what the planet is going through.

ELTON JOHN Real name: Reginald Dwight. Created from two other British musicians: Elton Dean and Long John Baldry.

IRON MAIDEN - Steve Harris named the band after the iron maiden torture device as shown in the film, The Man in the Iron Mask.

JOY DIVISION - In order to avoid confusion with the London punk band Warsaw Pakt, the band renamed themselves from Warsaw to Joy Division in late 1977, borrowing their new name from the prostitution wing of a Nazi concentration camp mentioned in the 1955 novel The House of Dolls.

LYNYRD SKYNYRD - They were named after Leonard Skinner, a gym teacher at Robert E. Lee High School in Jacksonville, Florida who was notorious for strictly enforcing the school's policy against boys having long hair.

MODEST MOUSE - Their name derives from a passage from the Virginia Woolf story "The Mark on the Wall," which reads, "...and very frequent even in the minds of modest, mouse-coloured people..."

RADIOHEAD - Originally known as "On a Friday", the band was given two weeks after signing to Parlophone to change their name. The band renamed themselves after the 1986 Talking Heads song "Radio Head" on the album True Stories, claiming it as the "least annoying song" from the album.

STEELY DAN - Named after a dildo in the novel Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs.
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