Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Soup of the Day #5: The Outerlys- Somebody

Hailing from the epicenter of the Los Angeles alternative and indie rock scene are Silver Lake's new unsung trio, The Outerlys. Slade, Mick, and Drape embody their city's spirit in their looks and music as they continue to rock stages with an intrepid blend of energetic garage pop, blues, and vintage rock and roll, with mascara dripping from their lashes.

One of the standout singles from The Outerlys' self titled unveiling, "Somebody", is a three minute romp through the core of rock and roll history that is both accessible and addicting. Slade's crystalline coos glide over the refined garage grime from his supporting cast, morphing a familiar indie rock template into an instant smash that is ready to be absorbed and adored.

The Outerlys' fantastic self titled EP is available now as a free download on their Bandcamp site. Over six tracks, the relatively unknown band unleash hit after hit, showing their endless range by adding classic solo guitars, rolling pianos, and various rock and roll arrangements that cover generations of rock and most of its sub genres. Discover before they are uncovered.

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