Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dirty Banners

While penning nervous breakdowns inside a weather worn journal in Richmond, Virginia, singer/songwriter Alexander Gruenburg constructed a contagious demo single dubbed "Money Magic", which eventually caught the attention of Richmond producer Hugo Haggie. Seeing potential in the demo, Haggie agreed to produce his debut album in his home studio.

Finding inspiration in the music of James Brown, The Rolling Stones, as well as contemporary Top 40 club bangers, Gruenburg began crafting the indie-pop sound of Dirty Banners. Preparing for the release of Money Magic, Gruenburg began gathering musicians to start playing live shows around the city. Dirty Banners became a five-piece band with bassist Keith Paul, guitarist Jake Kennedy, keyboardist Lucy Sherman, and Drummer Cre Moore. 

The Banners' self titled debut album is fun, dexterous, and infectious. The band somehow balances danceable pop riffs and melodies with garage grit and indie rock sensibilities with ease, making their 8-track unveiling one of the most accessible records I've heard in a while. If you find yourself in a car with a sniveling elitist hipster, a dance loving teenage girl, discofied parents, and a grandparent that digs the blues, make sure you have this album on the iPod to make everyone shut up and groove on the grueling ride home.

Songs like "Money Magic", "Heart On", "Am I Fucking Up or Freaking Out", and "Put on Your Shades" are dying for airplay and global praise. In my opinion, Dirty Banners is Richmond, Virginia's diamond in the rough and an unsung band that is on the verge of blowing up. I have a feeling the alarm is about to go off on Alexander Gruenburg and his band, because his knack for penning catchy pop music along with the band's natural spark in the studio is the perfect recipe to create the next hipsterzilla that has the weight to terrorize the planet.

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