Friday, May 27, 2011

The Muddy Reds

 If I was asked to describe The Muddy Reds, one of Los Angeles, California's finest new bands, in one sentence it would be: Rompin', stompin', throaty soul with a spellbinding swagger.

Channeling the bluesy ghouls that used to haunt the front stoops of the south, The Muddy Reds conjure images of dusty bones set against black sunrises, of sex and lost souls; their music evokes the primal urges to sweat and shake and move and breathe. These aren't coattail riders of The White Stripes or The Black Keys, this is a quartet with a sound all their own-- a refined, soulful swamp revival with hints of Americana, classic 60s songwriting, and whiskey washed grooves.

Their 2010 unveiling, Mannequin, was recorded in a haunted house in Tarzana, CA. The 9-track record reflected their surroundings in all of their recordings and is full of gusty blues jams that will have music fans floating over dive bar dance floors like ghosts (Flophouse, Rolling Dead, Love is a Gun); misty modern musings coated in a swampy film of forgotten front porch laureates (Automatic Springtime, Wesley); and dusky nomadic nuances.

Due to the success of Mannequin, the Muddy boys are back in the studio working on their next EP that is expected to see a release this summer. Until then, grab a copy of Mannequin to hold you over (it's only 4 bones and some change), check out live performances and more on their YoutTube channel, and stay tuned for more updates on the band on BandSoup.

Video for Flophouse below:

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