Monday, May 2, 2011

Soup of the Day #6: The Crystal Method- Come Back Clean (Muscle Hawk Remix)

Muscle Hawk is a dirty and delightful Salt Lake City based mind fuck full of hyper active electronic riffs, flogging funk elements, and aggressive synth-pop grit. Their critically acclaimed EPs, The Speed of Dark (2009) and Superfuture (2010), have solidified the duo as one of the best emerging groups in Utah and in the United States, making Greg Bower and Josh Holyoak some of the most highly sought after producers in their genre.

This above statement is immediately justified in our latest Soup of the Day selection, Come Back Clean (Muscle Hawk Remix), as Muscle Hawk rips their talons into The Crystal Method's 2009 single and delivers an audacious re-make of an otherwise light and feminine original. The grinding stabs blanket the hard hitting drums perfectly as Emily Haines' alluring vocals send the track soaring. Over four minutes, Muscle Hawk keeps it gritty, danceable, and impulsive, giving the record a tremendous amount of replay value, while keeping the dance floor on their toes and wanting more. A Muscle Hawk signature flight.

Musclehawk's latest EP, Superfuture, is available to purchase on iTunes and features another MH classic, Set Yourself on Fire. 

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