Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Some know him as Lappingtop Macley, Sir Choppington BeatMeister, Slicey McDicey, or The Noisemaker of Northampton (I just made that up), but I merely know him as the random bloke on bandcamp that put together one hell of a beat tape this past May.

MumboJumbo is an emerging DJ/Producer from the UK that has just recently begun to share his creations with the internet. My first taste was the minimalistic Cut N Paste Chemistry freebie that will instantly conjure up Madlib comparisons. This condensed chemical spill highlights Mumbo's endless potential and expert ear. Each beat is crisp, clean, infectious, and addicting, making withdrawals that much harder to cope with. Make sure to bookmark this methadone pack because the cold turkey is hard to swallow.

MumboJumbo is also part of The Fungle Brothers; a 1930's revival Swing-Hop duo alongside fellow producer, Odjbox.

Side note: The zip file contains a periodic table of ingredients (sample cheat sheet) used in the tape.

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