Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Red Fang

Prowling through the progressive pines of the Pacific Northwest are independent metal's best kept secret-- Red Fang. This uber talented quartet took their collective talents and experiences from their former bands and formed like Voltron to create a new powerhouse in Portland's rock and roll scene. Instead of regurgitating past methods and influences, Red Fang agreed to build their sound around what initially inspired them to become musicians in the first place-- heavy, galvanizing hard rock and roll that is accessible and straight forward, as well as sophisticated and layered. This infectious form of metal is consummately displayed in their latest record, Murder The Mountains, released April 2011 on the acclaimed Relapse Records label.

Murder the Mountains' 10-track body is piss drunk off of thundering, down-tempo, psychedelic sludge and splashes of vintage metal. The sound is one half Mastadon, one half Black Sabbath mixed warm and chased down slow with a case of hot Pabst. The hangover will have you hallucinating, but the trip through layers of thick heavy metal riffs, distortion, rumbling drums, and contagious vocals are well worth the after affects. If the first go around didn't blow you away enough, wait for the second and third spin as the record slowly unveils its true self, revealing numerous nuances and exciting arrangements that you most likely didn't catch before.

Red Fang has accomplished one of the best and accessible hard rock albums I have heard in years. Combine their experience, talent, taste, and charisma and you have one unstoppable metal monster that is ready to take over the planet and put Portland on the map for something other than dirty hippies and coffee.

Below is the awesome video for the single "Wires":

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