Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Soup of the Day #12: Radioviolet- In My Shadow

Radioviolet is a Washington DC based progressive rock band that originally began as a solo project of lead singer Michael Terpak. After releasing the first album, Terpak decided to reinvent Radioviolet by adding a full lineup of new members and transforming the sound into the ethereal alternative rock we hear today.

The band's first single after the major overhaul was In My Shadow; a slow building pop alternative smash that garnered lots of local media attention, airplay on the area's most popular rock station DC101, and birthed the quintet's first music video in 2010. The single reveals Radioviolet's unique blend of electronic, pop, and alternative rock that some might compare to Incubus and another BandSoup band from DC, Kid Architect.

Radioviolet's latest 2011 album, Constellation Drive, is now available as a free download. If you would like physical copies, stay tuned to the bands website/facebook page for more details coming soon.

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Mr. Mike said...

Very nice write-up let's see a lot more. Where is the new cd?

Manager said...

New CD is out and should be available on line shortly. Check in at www.radioviolet.com.

Just waiting for a tax ID.....

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