Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Young Circles

Today I found an interesting up and coming band from Miami that pride themselves on transcending genres and labels while creating "NEW" music for the information-raped 20th century music fiend.

The first impression came in the form of the Young Circles' first quarter gift, Bones EP. The first two songs had enough to perk my ears, but as soon as "Sharp Teeth" began to flip-flop back and forth between rap vocals and dirty guitar riffs I began to have flashbacks of my favorite childhood albums, Mellow Gold and Odelay. While tripping face off nostalgia, Young Circles continued their impressive onslaught. The end of "Sharp Teeth" melted flawlessly into the best song on the album, "Halfway Up", where a neat psychedelic grind in the first half of the song darts into a dreamy chorus (1:26) before diving back into a cesspool of beautiful distortion. To top things off,  they accomplish this without any sign of forced eclecticism or pretentiousness. What we have here is rare and really fucking exciting.

The infatuation with the Bones EP turned into the discovery of their brand new free album, Jungle Habits. If the EP got you lifted, Jungle Habits is the trouble sack of pure that causes a lifetime habit. Riddled with circuitous compositions, spacey layers, and addicting genre-bending transitions, this is the album that will place Young Circles on the pedestal they belong on. It's only a matter of minutes before the youth form shrine circles around their bandcamp and start sucking down the electrifying kool aid this band has to offer.

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