Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why Wolves

Band Spotlight: Why Wolves

Why Wolves are an indie-rock band based out of Somerville, Massachusetts. In 2010, after a few jam sessions, the band began to take shape. Unlike most bands, the group often found themselves rotating instruments both out of necessity and fun. Why Wolves showcases a charismatic and stadium-worthy sound with vocals reminiscent of The Killers. Currently, they have been creating quite a buzz on the Boston music scene with their high-energy shows, vocal melodies, and their infamous mid-show instrument switches.
Why Wolves are:

Ben Hen: lead vocals, piano, keyboard, guitar
Mike Taft: drums, guitar
Alex Corona: vocals, bass, guitar, orchestra bells
Chris O'Hara: vocals, guitar
Colin Amidon: vocals, keyboard, drums, piano, guitar accordion

Why Wolves on Facebook
Why Wolves on itunes
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