Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Drugstore Fanatics

Drugstore Fanatics are an Ambimpulse Basement Rock entity. Their first album released in 2009 - 'What's Born in the Basement' was entirely written, produced, recorded, edited and mixed (well…partially mixed) in creators Daniel Brecher & Aviv Cohen's home basements.

Drugstore Fanatics can best be described as a unique blend of dark, ambient strokes across a harsh, groove driven canvas, topped by weighty vocal melodies. A blend that could only come together in the melting pot which is their home in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Now residing in Los Angeles, California, DSF have continued their success into the US and have built a strong, rabid fan base by thinking outside the box and constantly delivering free music, how to videos, e-books, and exciting content on their main website. You can now find their song "Hangman" (LIVE video below) on the popular video game RockBand.

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