Friday, October 21, 2011

Cure for the Common

If I came up to you and said, "BOZEMAN, MONTANA IS BRINGING BACK THE FUNK!", my guess is you would punch me in my molars. But, it's true. At the hands of a multi-talented Bozeman based quintet that go by the name of Cure for the Common, funky dance floor grooves have returned with a vengeance.

Since the first jam in December 2008, Cure for the Common has sought to bring together great friends, good vibes, the funkiest jams, and a smash it all into a blow-out, get-down celebration that refuses to go quietly into the night. Music is the cure, and CFTC is out to free ladies and gentlemen everywhere of their daily pains. To accomplish this task, Logan Stahley and his dazzling trumpet weave screaming ribbons of spicy latin funk into Weston Lewis's heavily groovy guitar, distilling a crazy-potent shock to your senses. While your head bobs in anticipation of the next lick, Joe Sheehan and Jordan Rodenbiker sculpt the musical pillars of groove that you must feel to believe. Once you're bubbling, shaking, squirming and sizzling like an earthquake is deep in your hips, superb synthetic sensations blend with Garrett Rhinard's own secret recipe of keys, rhythm, and rhyme to blow the lid off of this highly combustible mix, relentlessly sending the dance floor into overdrive.

This is easily heard on their debut self titled album that was released this past April, which features nine funked out jams covering a multitude of genres from funk, alternative, jam band, pop, reggae, latin, and hip hop. If you are a music nut, a fan of jam bands, and dance in public like you do in the shower, Cure for the Common is a future Bonnaroo show stealer ready to alleviate all your funkless ailments.

For the moment, you can purchase Cure for the Common's debut album on their bandcamp page and name your own price. 

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