Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Redneck Manifesto

The Redneck Manifesto is a five piece instrumental rock band from Dublin, Ireland made up of Mervyn Craig (drums), Richard Egan (bass), Niall Byrne (guitar), Matthew Bolger (guitar) and Neil O'Connor (keyboards). Since their formation in 1998, the band has become one of Ireland's most sought after live acts and popular bands and have proudly achieved this status strictly through their own DIY means, promotion, and releasing records on their own label.

Video for "We Still Got It" off their 2004 I am Brazil album.

Since 2001, the band has released four touted albums, the most recent being Friendship (2010), which they recently shared some songs from on our website. It has been six years since their last record and the excitement and urgency is instantly heard on the opening song "Black Apple" which bursts from the core at breakneck speed into a haphazard and seamlessly cluttered math-rock exhibition. The beautiful disaster continues with upbeat explosions of sound, transitions, funked out grooves, and rousing riffs.

The Ireland press is already calling the album one of the band's most complete, refined, and best albums to date and claim that fans will instantly form a bond to the album's friendly and optimistic sound. To sum things up in once setence: if you like instrumental rock, meet you new best friend.

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