Monday, November 14, 2011

60 Second Review: A Record of Hate

When people think about the state of New Hampshire, what do they picture? Cows? Farms? Country folk? Certainly not the most brutal band their ears will ever hear. That’s exactly what A Record of Hate is. Hailing from Manchester, New Hampshire, this Death/Thrash Metal band are pumping out a sound that would force the most seasoned vets in the metal world to do a double take. If there were ever a soundtrack to the zombie apocalypse, “This Is War” would be it. Vocalist Tyler Smith spews out the most gut wrenching growls that sound like they come straight from the depths of hell. “Evil” is the second of three tracks released so far and the drum work alone is enough to make your head explode. “Evil” also displays brilliantly fast guitars with an unexpected solo that breaks up the song nicely.

To put it bluntly, AROH scares the shit out of me and I love it.

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