Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Campbell Trio

Hailing from the Happy Harbor in Southern Brazil, The Bruce Campbell Punk Rock Trio, commonly know just as Campbell Trio, have constructed a bedroom post-hardcore/punk album that could rival any seasoned or big label band shredding today. Their first recording, The Campbell Trio Sings the Blues, is a furious collection of distorted madness, raging vocals, and experimental arrangements that remind me of legendary west Texas outfit, At the Drive In.

As a complete DIY album (recording, mixing, album art) that was worked on over a span of three years, The Campbell Trio Sings the Blues is a tightly cohesive listen despite the disjointed timeline. The meat and potatoes of the record-- Don Copal or the Department of Death, I in Us, a Love Letter, and Ehnay/And I, End I-- ooze a dangerous mixture of youthful exuberance and apathy, as the band teases hardcore fans with an all encompassing display of influences from the genre's history while flawlessly executing their own brand of angry beauty.

In spite of the band's obscurity, their first recording trek in a small South American bedroom proves their potential and probability of emerging past the shores of the GuaĆ­ba Lake and onward to the states and beyond. In a world like this, music with ire is a necessary coping soundtrack for many. If this sums you up, the trio is ready to sing you the blues.

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