Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Free Album: Spanish Prisoners- Gold Fools

Ever since "chillwave" crashed onto the internet shoreline, there has been a flood of bands fronted by midi controller pounding posers that are in love with layered vocals. Despite their strength in numbers, a lot of these bands lack the chops and charisma to pull of engaging music like their predecessors, but I did recently find a shiny golden nugget of sound blossoming out of the bricks of Bushwick.

Spanish Prisoners are a rising indie rock quartet from Brooklyn, New York that mix hazy, ethereal electronic sounds with psychedelic vocals and dreamy instrumentation. Leo Maymind fronts their floaty faction and sometimes is accompanied by Amberly Hungerfor's delicate back up lungs to add body to their clouds of noise. Their debut album, Gold Fools, released last month for free on their bandcamp site, holds nine tracks of a trend captured and cultivated rather than mirrored and mauled. Instead of sounding like yet another New York dream-psych band, Spanish Prisoners shuffled through the shackles and emerged a free band with hands and mouths full of authentic gold.

Gold Fools is one of those albums that is better understood and consumed by listening to it all the way through, but you can listen to two singles on BandSoup by clicking the link above. You can also download the album in full by visiting the link below.

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