Wednesday, December 21, 2011 Presents- 'Tis the Season (Compilation)

'Tis the season to double up on spiked egg nog, slip on a pair of headphones, and bask in the warm glow of holiday wattage with fifteen holiday themed tracks from!

'Tis the Season is our latest compilation album featuring fifteen BandSoup artists from around the globe-- New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Scotland, Australia, Ohio, Canada, Minnesota, Illinois-- paying homage to the holiday season with brand new original recordings and modern renditions.

This compilation has a gift for all types of music fans. 'Tis the Season offers folky duets, infectious alternative pop, eccentric indie rock, ukeleles, blues, and much more! If that didn't sound like a late night infomercial enough-- this compilation can be yours right now for absolutely FREE!

Here is the download and track list below. Please share this wonderful holiday gift with any music fan you know and make sure to check out the digital liner notes within the download to find your favorite band on BandSoup and Facebook.

Thank you to all the bands and solo artists for sharing their tunes and being apart of this compilation!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year to you all...

- Team BandSoup

Track List:

1. Earwig- Next Christmas
2. Achoo! Bless You- Coming Home (To You This Christmas)
3. Symmetry/Symmetry- O, Holy Night ft. Amy McVey
4. El Dog- Let it Snow
5. Hot Buttered Elvis- Jingle Bell Rot
6. Todd Wright- Christmas
7. Asker- White Christmas
8. Ghost Ghost- Please Stay for Christmas Eve
9. Rags & Ribbons- Greensleeves
10. Gwamba- Get Some Santa Claws
11. The Locals- Heat Miser
12. The Milkweeds- A Ukelele Christmas
13. Lil' Davy Max- Christmas in the Jailhouse
14. Danny Newport- St. Nick
15. Bernie Doucette- Please Give Me Peace
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