Thursday, January 5, 2012

60 Second Review: Protagonist

Protagonist can best be described as “punk for the new age.” With a sound in the same vein as Fugazi and Bad Religion, Protagonist presents Bandsoup with their own blend of punk rock fused with hardcore influences.

Their new EP “States,” (released on Paper+Plastick Records) proves once and for all that this band can rock with the best. "Destination Desolation" is a track that punches you in the face from the first chord and never stops punishing. The stand out track, for me anyways, would have to be “Sirens.” This song, with its flawless guitar work and lyrics for the realist in all of us, is over before you know it, but makes you want to play the short but sweet 1:58 over and over again. It’s hard to pick one element of this bands latest release that sticks out, mainly because of the non-stop musical assault from each band member, so you might as well grab the free download below.

Their DIY work ethic and non-stop touring seems to be paying off for these five young dudes from Florida. Check them out for yourself because my sixty seconds of writing do not do them justice.

-Matt B.

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Download "States" for FREE

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