Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cloudy October- The Metal Jerk (Free Album Download)

Armed with an alluring flow that unveils haphazardly like stop motion animation, Portland, Oregon rookie MC Cloudy October demands your full attention from the first bar uttered and beyond. In the same vein as a few of my favorite experimental west coast artists, Cloudy October presents common subjects in his own original and oddball way, rejuvenating the way one listens, absorbs, and connects with hip hop.

Here is what Cloudy had to say about the project:
The Metal Jerk, is named after a rhyme style I am currently employing.

The Metal Jerk is a walking abortion. It is a rhyme style that seems to have an advantage by vocally mimicking and adhering to the instruments inside of a beat. It is inspired by popular piano right hand techniques and improvisational jazz. It is also a rhyme style that is handicapped by my lack of practice, primitive syllable placement within composition and my incessant, desperate use of the punch-in function and delay effect while recording. This album marks a period in my life that I discovered that my imagination is much larger than my skill set.

This album is dedicated to all you fucks creating safe-hop complaining about other safe-hop artists. Your blood taste terrific and you make my job really easy. My colleagues and I have discussed your plight for many years. The best advice we can give you is to start and continue to seek opinions about your work from outside of your peer group. Listeners, the industry and the times may not be the best place to place all that blame.

On behalf of myself and all the amazing people who are a part of this project, we hope you enjoy the sounds of The Metal Jerk. Ta ta. XYXYXYXY

Limited Physical Copies of this album will be available before Spring of 2012.

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