Friday, February 3, 2012

Hot One of the Week: Impo & the Tents

This semester has me confronting what I consider a huge class in my college career, Honors Punk Rock and Society: Critical and Comparative Perspectives. With that in the back of my mind I decided to go through some of the punk music being fed to BandSoup. Now, as I listened to the music designated as “punk” on BandSoup I came to ask the same question my professors did this week, “What is punk?” The word, the genre, and the environment that we know as punk is much more eclectic than we even realize. Folk punk, pop punk, alternative punk, hardcore punk, and electro punk are just a few of the variations you can find on BandSoup. I was looking for a more “classic” example of punk rock music and eventually I came across Impo & the Tents

This Swedish-trio has had five releases over the past year and they are riddled with great examples of the total package when it comes to punk music. The vocals, bass, guitar, and drums all come together in nostalgic, lo-fi recordings that to me are just as magical as some of punk’s most influential records. Sadly, this act only has 244 fans on Facebook, but ironically most of their YouTube videos have just as many or more views. Despite the lack of fan representation, believe me when I say you need to get on their Bandcamp page and listen to them. Go get some free downloads and share/embed that stuff all over! Great punk rock is easily crammed into songs shorter than 3 minutes each and these guys accomplish that with precision. Look for fun tracks such as “Pretty Temptress”, “Four Eyes”, and “Ugly Girl”.

Listen to Impo & The Tents on BandSoup

An intelligent punk name, fun and catchy music, and that genuine garage feel…what could be much better than that?

Like them here!

-Doug Foley
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