Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shiny Penny and The Critical Shoes- Mr. Welker (Soup of the Week)

Ohio, Illinois oooh I want to take you
Kentucky, Michigan come on pretty mama
Off in central Indiana
There's a place called Kokomo...

Where energetic and melodic alternative rock still lives within a young trio dubbed Shiny Penny and The Critical Shoes.

What started out as an acoustic cover band in 2009 has transformed into Kokomo's 2011 best live band and a rising, spark plug act to watch out for in the future. Their 2011 debut EP, Third Spin, features three tracks that are all over the rock and roll map. Wonderville is a Red Hot Chili Peppers-esque trek into rap-rock territory; Curse of the Elephant displays a heavier, alt-punk influence packed with multi-layered chants and power chords; and the stand-out, Mr. Welker, is a nostalgic nod to turn of the century alternative rock. Third Spin gives a dizzy perception into what the band really is, but Mr. Welker is a smash hit begging for worldwide acclaim and radio play.

Dean Schimmelpfennig (say that three times fast) shines bright in this single as he and the accompanying music flip from an introspective, melancholic tone to an outcry of fear and frustrated questions. The arrangements are just as infectious as the vocals and lyrics and, in my opinion, foreshadows the direction that the band should go in because it fills a void in modern alternative rock that is still covered by bands from the 90s. Not only is this a flawless song, it's one of the best outputs of alternative I've heard in years. 

As a big fan of 90s and turn of the millennium alternative, Shiny Penny & The Critical Shoes have me highly anticipating what they have in store for 2012. I've been dying for an updated version of this type of music for years and if Third Spin is any indication of what they are doing in the future...

that's where I want to go
a place called Kokomo.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome band!

Anonymous said...

Love these guys!

Cole Landon said...

Woah. This song sounds familiar but I don't know where I've heard it before. TIGHT!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Welker is an attempt at stuff we've heard a million times. I have no idea what is going on with Wonderville. Sounds like a bad dream or a collaboration of Vanilla Ice and Linkin' Park. Curse of the Elephant makes about as much sense musically as the title.

Geoff said...

Great article, and the music is fairly well done, but let's hope these kids stayed in school

Anonymous said...

The anonymous above Geoff is stupid. Obviously this person has no musical background or talent at all. Shiny penny and the critical shoes all the way!!!

Mak Preist said...

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