Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Week On BandSoup (2/20-2/27)

Another week in the books and yet another week of great uploads here on BandSoup! Here are a few of the bands that you must hear according to an unanimous vote from the BandSoup blog team. Remember, new bands pop up on the site 1-5 times per day, so check back in with us. You might be missing out on your new favorite band!

* Click the band's name to hear their music.

Leatherbag (Indie Rock)--  Leatherbag is an American power trio from Austin, Texas. After relocating to Austin from Houston in 2005, Leatherbag was formed by songwriter/guitarist, Randy Reynolds. The band's new and final form finds Drew Emmons wired on bass and Danny Blanchard wild behind the drums. The band has performed at the Austin City Limits Music Festival and at the SXSW Music Conference.

The Foot. (Alternative Rock)-- Hailed as one of Denver's top rock acts, The Foot. entered the national scene at New York City's CMJ 2010. Urb Magazine declared them "one of the 15 acts you wish you saw at CMJ" alongside such acts as Das Racist and Two Door Cinema Club. After making several swings across the country, playing some of the most prestigious venues at home, and playing with some of the most respected artists on the national stage, The Foot. has begun work on a series of EPs, the second and third which will be released in early Spring 2012. 

Funktion (Funk/Hip Hop/Jam Band)-- Funktion, the 7-man band based in Kalamazoo, MI, delivers their blend of funk-rock and soul with a hip-hop beat.

IG88 (Electronic)-- Branden Clarke, otherwise known as IG88, would maybe like to fool you into believing that he and his buttons are buried somewhere in between a spray of ambient elation and the sands of a remote desert planet – but there’s something else here. Something tangible and soulful, something raw and quick. Something like the full breath of a thunderhead, the shards of sparks following a blunt and sonic hit to the nail on the head.

Acid Baby Jesus (Garage Rock)--  ABJ represents the future of heavy psych'n'roll from an isolated, ancient civilization. Combining the ruthless elements of American outlaw roots music and celestial glam rock, like fellow deconstructionists Demon's Claws, "LP" suggests the Rolling Stones at their wearied best, with the electrifying hi-jinks of Brian Eno bulldozing the swagger into the darkest corners of the cosmos.

James London (Singer Songwriter/Folk)--  Hailing from Portland, Oregon, James London’s debut EP, “Where Do We Go From Here,” soars with memorable melodies and complex, layered arrangements. From the lush, spacioussplendor of the opening title track, to the moody ... swaggering conclusion of “Bad Seed,” the songs onthis record provide a shimmering, sometimes psychedelic, sonic landscape in which to get beautifully lost.

Beecher's Fault (Alternative Rock)--  In their first year, Beecher’s Fault has become a key player in the local music scene of Astoria, NY. The pop/rock band has played an impressive amount of shows at prominent NYC venues that include The Bitter End, Sullivan Hall, and Pianos. Though only a trio, their live performance has frequently been described as a “wall of sound” that captivates audiences as they light up venues with an energy that is more akin to that of a six-piece ensemble.

Mofo Party Plan (Indie Pop)--  It's fancy and "Dancy".

Muffler Men (Alternative Rock)--  Muffler Men is a power trio from Ghent, Belgium with an alternative rock sound that leans towards stoner rock.

Louder Space (Reggae Rock)--  Louder Space formed in San Luis Obispo, CA on October 5th, 2011 when bassist Oren Ben-Joseph and drummer Philip Tyler joined up with singer Chris Kaye and guitarist Clayton Daly. Meeting each other at a party, the group instantly connected on similar music tastes and the desire to jam together. Since then, the group has been rocking out and working hard to make new exciting music.

The Ready Aim Fire! (Synth Pop)-- Synth-driven indie rock from Walnut, CA.

Kung Foo Grip (Hip Hop)-- Eff Is H & Greg Cypher. Two MC's making that fresh coast hip hop that never gets old. Relevant, independant, & definitely dope! Lyrical, classic, hungry, and versitile.

Zombie Western (Instrumental Rock)-- The aptly named Zombie Western is a four piece instrumental post-rock band based in Waco, TX. The band's influences are clearly apparent in their music, their name, and the intensity of their performances. The careful blending of the dramatic elements of film with the subtlety of layered instrumentation come together to create their textured sound.

Tea Cozies (Garage Pop)--  Steeped in garage rock and british indie, Tea Cozies take influences from guitar-driven pop bands as Blur, Elastica, and the Pixies.

La Palma (Instrumental/Modern Jazz)--  Modern Jazz, soundscapes, and classical instrumental music.
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