Thursday, March 15, 2012

60 Second Review: Mac Lethal- Irish Goodbye

What can I say about David Sheldon aka Mac Lethal? Mac is a veteran hip hop artist from Kansas City, Missouri that did the impossible and became a viral sensation twice in late 2011 with his classic "Look At Me Now" pancake rap video (below) and his controversial "Texts From Bennett" Tumblr (which is now a smart phone app). After years of subterranean grinding, Mac Lethal has been hit by the internet lady luck and is now chillin' on top of his viral throne awaiting the world of television and advertising to kiss his rings.

But this is no gimmicky, flash in the pan MC.

Mac has been doing it for a solid decade, and to go along with his recent explosion of success, he has blossomed even more as a lyricist and a complete hip hop artist. His flow is unmatched by any other great white hype doing it today and his most recent LP, Irish Goodbye, is the best thing I have heard from any underground hip hop artist in the last five years. On Irish Goodbye Mac lets his tongue loose and battles the industry and life's cruel battles with a sardonic yet thoughtful outlook. The record has everything that is good about pop radio with the edge and heart that a lot of underground artists possess but fall short of delivering. It's odd and bittersweet how he blew up on a whim off of two seemingly crap shoot attempts at garnering attention because Mac Lethal's talent has no boundaries. This mid-western jerk has made a career out of making pasty hip hop fans feel like a bad asses while at the same time making them smile with sharp tongue in cheek one-liners.

I could sit hear and type to you a contrived review of a few key tracks, but instead I am going to list them and make you a promise-- If you even have the tiniest soft sport for hip-hop, check out these key tracks (The Palour, No Miracle, Vodka Tonic With a Lime, Aviator) and you will have yourself another amazing artist to add to your playlist. If the purchase price of Irish Goodbye doesn't tickle your fancy, Mac has a free mixtape from last year called North Korean BBQ that will hit the spot just as good as his renowned pancakes.
- Matt Bergeron
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