Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rogue Sounds- Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite (Free Album Download)

Rogue Sounds is an established instrumental rock trio from Anaheim, California with a desire to make instrumental rock more accessible to music fans. Combining the post-metal cinematic sludge of Isis, the astral and ethereal soundscapes of Junius, and the grandiose instrumental schizophrenia of Russian Circles, Rogue Sounds is an amalgam of experimental noise from some of the most respected mad scientists of moody metal.

On their new album, Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite, Rogue Sounds deliver an onslaught of constantly evolving compositions that orbits one corner of the rock and roll universe to another in a matter of minutes, cycling from metal to industrial to space rock to drum and bass and back again. Songs like "Wormsign" and "25th Parallel North" illuminate the band's best attributes, which are soaring compositions laced with spacey guitar work and punishing hard rock percussion.

Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite is available as a free digital download, but can also be purchased (pre-ordered) on vinyl. From the same store, Rogue Sounds have a few awesome t-shirts and other records available for purchase.

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