Monday, March 22, 2010

Cherry Suede

It's innovative artists like Cherry Suede that are defining the new music paradigm. Fully embracing the technology that is ravishing the traditional industry, they give away their music for free and are changing the way artists and fans connect.

Bandmates Randy Scott and Randy Young were both fans of rock giants like the Beatles, Springsteen, Bryan Adams, Tom Petty, … before they were musicians and understand how important artist/fan connections are. After forming Cherry Suede, they took the philosophy of 'music as a shared experience' and ran with it.

They realized that they didn't view their fans as consumers of a product offered by a business, but rather, as part of the overall shared musical experience. So they decided to give away their music for free under a Creative Commons License (where fans are free to download, distribute, and remix all songs as long as they credit Cherry Suede and don’t resell them). This had a huge impact and as word spread a core group of fans formed becoming the Cherry Suede Brigade.

Still growing, CSB members now host Cherry Suede shows in their homes, back yards, camp-outs, etc., and show the guys around their hometowns. Some of these 'Hometown' shows are recorded and broadcast on the Cherry Suede site. CSB members are looking forward to a year of events with the band that include a cruise to the Bahamas, opening for Rick Springfield in Montreal, and a trip to the UK.

Very cool.

Listen to Cherry Suede on
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