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You've got to love the story of Hydrovibe that starts in Louisiana with vocalist Heather St. Marie collaborating with guitarist Mat Dauzat to create a sound combining dynamic, guitar-driven rock with powerful vocals. St. Marie and Dauzat move to LA and the very week of their arrival, Mat auditions and is hand-picked by Sharon and Kelly Osbourne to play lead guitar in Kelly’s band, immediately launching a worldwide tour supporting her debut album “SHUT UP” on Sony Records.

While on tour, Dauzat and St. Marie continue writing music via the internet. Upon Mat’s return, they begin recording demos and complete the line up with drummer Philippe Mathys and bass player Eliot Lorango. The four decide to delve into the budding DIY music business model and release their first album independently.


While mixing their debut album “Nothing Left To Lose”, Lion’s Gate/Twisted Pictures notifies the band that their track “Killer Inside” would be featured in the upcoming third installment of the blockbuster SAW film franchise. The band quickly switches gears and releases a 5-song EP (which also features a guest vocal appearance from the film’s star SHAWNEE SMITH).

Then the band's offered a spot on METAL EDGE Magazine sponsored “Corporate Punishment Tour” with Amity Lane featuring Kevin Palmer and Josh Moates of Trust Company and hit the road. Hydrovibe continues to tour the U.S. heavily for 2 years sharing stages with Static-X, Taproot, Soulfly, Trust Company, Powerman 5000, (Hed) P.E., Black Stone Cherry, Soil, and Drowning Pool.


When the band comes home and revisits the mostly finished album, they quickly decide to re-record to capture the new strength and intensity and to perform the more honed, road-tested versions of the songs. Hydrovibe enters Mad Dog Studios in Burbank, CA with Kevin Lamb to re-track the album. The band also enlists Kevin Churko, (Ozzy Osbourne, In This Moment, Five Finger Death Punch) who takes a break from his work on the new Ozzy album to mix the album’s first single “Fame”.

Hydrovibe kicks off 2010 by signing a deal with Japanese record label SPINNING that will release “Nothing Left To Lose” in Japan -Today!

What's Next?

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