Friday, August 20, 2010

Free Album: Outasight- Never Say Never

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It has been quite a beautiful ride to watch Outasight grow into a superstar. So far, on every free release, he has found a way to one-up himself, refresh the swagger, and tweak the mishaps from the album before, which has quickly molded him into one of the most talented and beloved new artists of the internet age. On his highly anticipated new mix tape, Never Say Never, he has done it once again.

Never Say Never shines a dimmed spotlight on a vulnerable Outasight trying to cope with numerous situations every twenty something faces at one point: worrying about college degrees, 9-5 jobs, and social status; dealing with getting older, the loneliness that comes with age, and new responsibilities; and  contemplating relationships, women, and the future, while trying to live it up in the Big Apple. With all of this happening at once, it seems that the Yonkers MC lost a bit of hope and belief in himself as an artist. A natural reaction to a brutal and lonely time in our adult lives, but one that will be immediately muted by his fan base after listening to these fourteen new tracks.

As we sit and wait for his major label debut with all the freebies he has given us, we will begin to wonder with Outasight:

I’m on my way
I’m not sure how the rest goes
Soon as I do I’ll let you know…

But I think we already know. And we look forward to it.

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