Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Last Monarchs

An acoustic guitar wielding singer/songwriter sneaking into college music rooms with a classically trained cellist to practice folk music sounds like a scene from a romantic comedy entry at Sundance, but it's actually how The Last Monarchs began their journey as a band.

After numerous mischievous adventures under the moon, lead singer Matt Rouch realized he was onto something good and began his hunt for highly talented musicians that shared the same passion for folk music and story telling that burned inside of him. Now, with Matt Rouch on acoustic guitar/vocals, Sara Boyce on violin, Todd Koren on drums, and Andrew Hill on upright bass, The Last Monarchs strive to bring unique and heartfelt folk music to Alexandria, Virginia and the rest of the DC metro area.

Despite Northern Virginia and DC 's lack of interest and output in folk music, The Last Monarchs have  seemingly arrived at the perfect time. Today's indie rock universe widely accepts and encourages the organic sound the Monarchs execute with ease. Combine that notion with Rouch's breezy vocals, Sara and Andrew's accompanying strings, and the band's serendipitous open market location-- The Last Monarchs could soon become DC's first big folk rock outfit.

Currently, The Last Monarchs are preparing to release a follow up EP to there 2009 release One Fell Swoop. The band will re-record "Riders from the Hillside," along with a few other previously released tracks. If you are a fellow 703er like us here at BandSoup, be sure to check out The Last Monarchs' upcoming live events on their Myspace page (which also streams their entire One Fell Swoop EP). The band has recently adjusted their setlist to fit the DC bar scene, adding more bluesy rockin' songs like Riders, but still add a sprinkle of quieter folk music.

You can listen to the live studio recording of "Riders from the Hillside" here on BandSoup!

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