Wednesday, January 12, 2011

5 Random Videos from BandSoup Bands

How about some visuals to go along with some of the great bands that have shared their music with us on BandSoup? Every now and then I will spotlight five "official videos" from various bands that are in the BandSoup bowl and share them with you on here. The first five?

Miles, Kidneythieves, Amos Zimmerman, One-Eyed Doll, and Wicked Jones.

Hit the read more button to view the videos!

One-Eyed Doll- "You're a Vampire" 
Info: Shot at the State Scare Factory in New Jersey. Purchase here.
Listen to One-Eyed Doll on BandSoup!

Miles- "Face to Face" 
Info: The first music video for Miles! Face to Face is the first single off of Miles' debut full-length album, "As Fast As You Can".
Listen to Miles on BandSoup!

Kidneythieves- "Zerospace" 
Listen to Kidneythieves on BandSoup!

Amos Zimmerman- "Window" 
Info: A video for the song "Window", with music from the studio and visual footage from a band show at "Yeoshua" pub, Tel-Aviv.
Listen to Amos Zimmerman on BandSoup!

Wicked Jones- "Supernatural Flesh" 
Info: Produced by All Aces Media. Directed by Blake Faucette featuring Andy Coon and Lyndsey Bass from the movie "Dogs Of Chinatown".
Listen to Wicked Jones on BandSoup!
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